Climbing Mount Fuji

Climb Mount Fuji, Japan's highest and most sacred mountain, accompanied by a professional mountain guide.

Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain symbol of Japan

A mountain so beautiful that it has become symbolic of Japan, a country that does not take aesthetics lightly, is also one of the most sacred natural sites. Throughout history, the mountain has always been the object of veneration and pilgrimage. In the Shinto religion, climbing the mountain is a way to honour the goddess Sengen, guardian of the sleeping volcano, and in the Buddhist religion, the climb symbolises the path to enlightenment.

A volcano that is still active

Mount Fuji owes its beautiful shape to the many eruptions that have shaped it over the centuries. Located at the crossroads of three tectonic plates (Eurasian, Pacific and Philippine), Mount Fuji is a stratovolcano, or "grey" volcano, with flanks composed of old lava and ash flows.

A hike for all, with a stop in a cabin at mid-climb and sunrise

Towering at 3,776 metres, it takes about 6 to 8 hours to reach the summit. Anyone in good shape will be able to climb Mount Fuji, but be warned, this is no simple hike, and the steepness of the climb, the vast difference in temperature between the base and the summit, and the scarcity of oxygen will test the will of some. Fuji Mountain Guide's certified guides will help you navigate the terrain, choose the best climbing routes, and make your experience as safe, enjoyable and memorable as possible. The first day's climb begins with a break in one of the 10 mountain cabin along the way for a hot meal and a few hours of rest, and then you head out again a few hours before dawn to complete the climb and watch the sunrise from the summit.


Climbing Mount Fuji

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