The park - Mawaki Archaeological Museum 真脇遺跡縄文館

  • Published on : 07/03/2019
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Welcome to the Jomon era

On the Noto Peninsula, in Ishikawa Prefecture, the Mawaki Archaeological Park Museum is a vast complex offering reconstruction of remains from the Jomon period, a museum, an experimental village, and even a hotel with an onsen!

Remarkable remains


All the excavations carried out since 1982 have revealed extraordinary remains.

Thus, the 1983 excavation campaign made it possible to appreciate a residential area from the Jomon period thanks to the discovery of three residence buildings; typical houses with a clay floors to protect against humidity.

The greatest specificity of the Mawaki site is undoubtedly its sacred monument composed of a set of large wooden pillars arranged in a circle. Curved in shape, these sturdy pillars made of chestnut wood are several meters high. The circle, 7 meters in diameter, is a religious installation from the Jomon period. There are about twenty of them throughout the archipelago. Studies by archaeologists have also shown that this structure was rebuilt six times in the same place.

A holy place for the Jomon people, this circle may have been used during religious ceremonies. In 2000, archaeologists spotted a burial area. The orientation at the four cardinal points of the four graves and the jewels found among the bones testify to the high social rank of the deceased.


Jômon pottery found in Mawaki, designated Important Cultural Property


Address, timetable & access

  • Address

  • Phone

    81 768-62-4800
  • Timetable

    From Kanazawa Station, take the bus bound for Noto Satoyama Airport and get off at Jomonmawakionsenguchi stop (50 min) then walk 5 min.
  • Price

    Adult: 300 yen. Child: 150 yen.
  • Access

    Open from 9 am to 5 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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