The best karaoke places to sing in Tokyo 東京の5カラオケ

  • Published on : 10/04/2020
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Unmissable activity in Japan: renting a box in a Tokyo Karaoke

Want to push the song? During your visit to the Japanese capital, be sure to try the famous karaoke bars, emblems of Japanese leisure. Discover 5 karaoke addresses for an evening of wild singing in Tokyo!

Karaoke Kan Shibuya


Undoubtedly Tokyo's most famous karaoke among foreigners: it was indeed made famous thanks to the film "Lost in Translation" in the famous karaoke scene. Located in the heart of Shibuya, it allows you to spend a wild evening after an afternoon of shopping. You can even request one of the two rooms (601 and 602) where the scenes were shot. This karaoke is clean and modern, but also very comfortable like all Karaoke Kan establishments which remains a safe bet.

  • Address : 30-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo

Facciata del Karaoke Kan di Shibuya.

Facade of Karaoke Kan in Shibuya.


Lost in translation

The Karaoke scene in "Lost In Translation"

Lost in Translation / Focus Features

Pasela Akihabara


A Karaoke "Pasela Resorts" in the heart of the geek district. This establishment is famous for its small dishes, in particular its desserts and pastries with honey. The chain is also known for offering rooms with original decoration, on the theme of manga, anime, and video games. Otakus will turn especially to the establishment located in Akihabara, with rooms dedicated to Evangelion or even Monster Hunter.

  • Address : 1 Chome-6-6 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021

The "Evangelion" karaoke room


Uta Hiroba Shibuya


The Uta Hiroba chain is known for its affordable prices throughout Japan. The rooms can be very small, and the decoration basic, but the price per half-hour, as well as the price of drinks, is cheap. There are several Uta Hiroba karaoke places in Shibuya, the prices of which vary slightly between them. The main establishment is located a few steps from 109, a large shopping center. It will cost you around 2,000 yen ($17.50/16€) per person for 2 hours of singing with unlimited drinks. In case of congestion, there is a secondary building just around the corner.

  • Address : 27−6, 5F, Udagawachō, Shibuya, 150-0042 Tokyo
uta hiroba

The front of the karaoke and its smiling mascot

enjoy Tokyo

French Riviera Ginza


A very chic karaoke, with comfortable private rooms and luxurious decoration. Located right next to the Ginza metro station, in the famous district of the same name, this establishment allows you to sing in a pleasant setting. The quality of the restaurant side is also a cut above popular chains such as Big Echo or KaraokeKan. Billiards and darts are also available, between two songs.

  • Address : 7-2-22 Ginza Ginza Dowa Bldg. B1F, Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo
cote d'azur

A private karaoke room in Ginza


Fiora Aria blu Roppongi


A karaoke with an excellent reputation, both its service and its rooms are of high quality. These follow themes, for example, botanical gardens or caves, and some even offer jacuzzis and foot baths, to relax while giving voice. The food offered is also of very good quality. The budget will be higher there, but you can go there with your eyes closed.

  • Address: 5-1-3 Roppongi Goto Bldg. 1st-3F, Minato, 106-0032, Tokyo

The "Cave" room of Fiora karaoke


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