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Tama and Shima, Tokyo's secret islands

While Tokyo is often seen as a busy and bustling megacity, its lesser-known maritime territory could not be any more different.

Mountains and greenary around Mt Mitake

Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake, located in Ome, in western Tokyo and part of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, is one of Tokyo's favorite day trip destinations, rivaling the popularity of Mount Takao.

Où admirer les lucioles près de Tokyo

4 places to see fireflies near Tokyo

June and July are firefly months in Japan!

Tokyo Metro Game- The Underground Mysteries

Tokyo Metro Game: The Underground Mysteries

Here's a unique way to explore the Japanese capital!

Japan Visitor - nipparacave5.jpg

Nippara Limestone Cave

Nippara Limestone Cave is one of the biggest limestone caves in the Kanto area. It is open to the public and there is a bus from Okutama Station.

Vue de Odaiba depuis l'une des croisières ''Tokyo Cruise''

Tokyo Cruise's "Asakusa-Hinode Pier" Cruise

Very popular with tourists when the good weather returns, Tokyo Bay cruises are a good way to discover the Japanese capital.


Odaiba sous les feux

Top 5 Tokyo Summer Fireworks

Fireworks and summer are synonymous in Japan! Discover five of the Japanese capital's top fireworks if you visit the capital in July and August!

Les tournesols sont les fleurs de l'été au Japon

Four places to see sunflowers near Tokyo

Sunflowers are described as the flowers of summer! Here are four places to admire them: just a stone's throw away from Tokyo!



Japan on the beach side: Kozushima

The island of Kozushima is only 18km 2 but it has everything to delight visitors: magnificent landscapes, pretty sandy and rocky beaches, clear waters where emerald green and cobalt blue alternate.

3 places to enjoy spring near Tokyo

Want some fresh air while exploring the prefectures around Tokyo? Discover Tochigi, Gunma and Saitama to enjoy spring less than two hours from the capital, for half-day trips among the flowers.

Floating bridge on Okutama Lake


Okutama, with it's stunning landscapes and abundant nature, greenery and crystal clear waters is just two hours by train from the center of Tokyo.

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Shinrin-yoku on Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake, less than two hours from Tokyo, is an excellent place to try shinrin-yoku (forest-bathing) and takigyo (a waterfall ritual) to refresh body and soul.

Where to go for snow near Tokyo

Planning to be in Tokyo this winter? Here is a selection of one or two day excursions from the Japanese capital, to make the most of the snowy season.

Kujukuri Beach Chiba Prefecture

Kujukuri Beach is a 60 km long stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach on the Pacific Coast in north-east Chiba Prefecture.

Mt. Takao (Takaosan) Guide

Mt. Takao (Takao-san) is a small, easily accessible mountain west of Tokyo that was once a retreat for ascetics and is now a one-day escape into nature for Tokyoites.


If you feel stifled by the Tokyo megalopolis, if you miss the nature and fresh air, jump into a train to Karuizawa.

Mount Mitake

You are in Japan for a few days but you burn with desire to discover the true nature of the archipelago? No problem, Mount Mitake is here!

Decouvrir Tokyo à vélo

Tokyo by bike

Renting a bike in Tokyo can be a good idea to discover the city in a different way!

Tokyo bike tours

Tokyo discovery bike tours

Do you want to take a Tokyoite walk in a different way? Want to explore Tokyo hair in the wind? Tokyo Discovery Bike Tours has been offering a package since 2006 that should please you.

The beach of Odaiba (Tokyo), with stunning views of the Rainbow Bridge.

The beaches of Tokyo

To enjoy the fresh air of the beaches, there's no need to abandon the capital. Tokyo Bay has a lot to offer its visitors...

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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Museum of Contemporary Art: read a guide to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan.

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Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park

Read a guide to Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is a vast national park west of Tokyo full of awesome natural beauty, and a hiking and sightseeing paradise.