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What to do in Hakone in a day?

Cool in the summer, blazing in the fall when its maple trees turn red, relaxing all year round thanks to its hot springs, Hakone is one of the favorite destinations of Tokyoites.

Mount Fuji, up to the 5th station

Though less popular than other routes, the path from Fuji-Yoshida has a few surprises for hikers, and makes for an unforgettable climb from the first to the fifth station.

Lake Ashi

The Hakone Top Ten

Daniel, our Angel Travel in Hakone, reveals his top 10 things to do there.

Kakegawa Castle

Like Japanese castles? You want to expand your knowledge of the history of the country? Located halfway between Tokyo and Nagoya, Kakegawa castle await your visit. Ready, set, go!

Fujigoko : Fuji Five Lakes

Among the places with views of Mount Fuji, the Five Lakes (FujiGoko) holds a special place.

Sekisho Shiryokan

Hakone Sekisho Shiryokan

Built in 1619, the checkpoint Sekisho Shiryokan, now restored, symbolized the important role of Hakone in traffic at the time, between trade and surveillance ...