Articles for Attractions and Excursions in Kagoshima



Yakushima Island

Subtropical and rainy, Yakushima is home to a special vegetation that attracts hikers: thousands-of-years-old cedars, thought to be the oldest trees in the country and the inspiration for the fores

Kagoshima Bay

South of the island of Kyushu, set off to discover the magnificent Kagoshima Bay (鹿 児 岛 湾) and its threatening volcano in the very south of Kyushu.

The beaches of Amami Oshima-(Kyushu)

Amami-Oshima Island

Bristling with green peaks, covered with virgin forests, fringed with white sand beaches and surrounded by clear waters rich in coral reefs, the Amami Oshima island is a treasure of nature.

The launch Base of Tanegashima

Off Kyushu is Tanegashima, an island known to be at the cutting edge of space travel, and also where the spaceport office can be found today.


This village in southern Kagoshima was once a residential area for samurai, and an important kamikaze air base.