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Self-Guided Tours in Japan

For those wishing to visit Japan with family, friends, or alone, Japan Experience offers package tours, which include accommodationtransportation, some activities, internet access and a travel diary !

We provide the itinerary you’ll follow in your personalized travelogue, and while we have plenty of suggestions, what you see and do on the way is up to you. Should you need us during your trip, we offer 24-hour assistance for information and advice. Optional activities and guided day tours are also available, for those who would like to explore cities with a local expert. 

Would you like to see the mountains of the Japanese Alps, the beaches of Okinawa or the neon-lit streets of Tokyo? Do you want to go to Japan for two weeks, or explore the country for a month? Discover some lesser-known islands of Japan, or enjoy the nightlife in Sapporo or Osaka? Our self-guided tours in Japan are available from 639.56$ / £462.37 per person !

You can also contact us for a personalized self-guided tour in Japan, we use the original itinerary and adjust it to suits you !

Self-guided Tours in Japan

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