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When booking a tailor-made tour with Japan Experience, our experts will help you organize your perfect trip based on your requirements. We understand that the trip of your dreams needs to be unique and unforgettable, which is why we have gathered in our Travel Advisor team the cream of the crop in Japan travel. Our local experts have either lived in Japan or extensively visited the country, giving them the knowledge to make sure that you visit and experience the best that Japan has to offer. 

Our Travel Advisor team in numbers:

  • Over 40 years of experience in Japan travel.
  • 22 passionate travel experts ready to help you.
  • Spanning 7 offices across the world (Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and of course Tokyo!)

For any tailor-made tour inquiries, please contact our teams at +44 (0) 20 3514 6932 or through our online form here! Now, meet our team of travel advisors!


Captivated by Japanese culture, Vincent traveled to Japan to further his university education. He spent several years working across the archipelago, living successively in Tokyo, then near the small island of Enoshima (Fujisawa), and finally in Shikoku.

Ever since, he regularly returns to Japan to explore new locations and indulge in the local cuisine. Above all, he loves matsuri (traditional festivals), particularly the renowned Awa Odori festival. Bring up Japan in conversation, and he can talk endlessly about it!

He works at the agency in Paris.

portrait vincent japan experience paris team 2


Virginie is a Japan enthusiast who lived in Tokyo. It was through J-Pop that she fell in love with the country and its language. Since then, she has traveled extensively. Her favorite spot? The Nakano district in Tokyo, known for its vintage vibe and popular restaurants.

She'll likely suggest that you unwind in the city's sentō (public baths) or onsen (hot springs)! One of her favorites is Ganiba Onsen, a bath nestled in nature in Akita Prefecture. If you're looking to explore the charm of the countryside and small Japanese villages, she's the one to ask!

She works at the agency in Paris.

portrait virginie japan experience paris team 2


Since his first trip to Japan in 2007, Norbert has explored the country by foot, bus, and motorcycle. An amateur photographer with a passion for exploration, his latest favorites are the cities of Fukuoka and Kagoshima.

He regularly returns to Japan, always seeking out new places to explore. He is a huge fan of anything related to pop culture. If you talk to him about anime and manga, you'll find he's extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

He works at the agency in Paris.

portrait norbert japan experience paris team 2


Laetitia fell in love with Japan twice over: first through its pop culture, and then during her travels, which touched her with their harmony and tranquility.

Having spent a year living in Oita as part of a student exchange program, she had the opportunity to experience everyday Japanese life and began practicing yosakoi, a folk Japanese dance from Kochi. Her philosophy? Observe and emulate the Japanese for an authentic immersion.

She works at the agency in Paris.

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Listy fell in love with Japan in 2002 when she moved there and attended a Franco-Japanese school for a few years. Since then, she has returned many times, often for her studies, and has lived in several cities including Tokyo and Nagasaki.

Her favorite place is the island of Miyajima, near Hiroshima, where she loves climbing Mount Misen at sunset. So, don't hesitate to ask her any questions you have about Japan!

She works at the agency in Paris.

portrait listy japan experience paris team 2


Christian is German and represents Japan Experience in Berlin. He is perfectly fluent in French.

His passion for Japan was born during numerous personal trips to the country, where he volunteered with local associations. He has also contributed to the development of Japanese Matsuri (folk festivals) in Berlin.

Above all, he loves the Kansai region and the north of Japan, as well as the shrines and traditional craftsmanship. He enjoys traveling by train and ferry to gradually explore the most remote places in the country.


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