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  • Published on : 06/05/2021
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Le meilleur mode de transport au Japon est le train. Rapide et efficace, il est aussi très facile d'utilisation.

Le Japon est le pays du train, avec sans doute le réseau le plus dense au monde, le plus fort trafic... Il s'y est donc développé une culture du voyage en train unique au monde. Pour profiter au mieux de cette expérience, découvrez tous nos conseils pratiques rassemblés par notre équipe, en textes et en images... 

  • The station as a shopping centre

Historically the train companies were big trading companies that built very large shopping centres at the same time as the train lines. Therefore the stations are often in large shopping centres.

  • Places to eat at the station

The stations contain specialist stalls selling Ekiben or station bentos, the contents of which are often influenced by the local specialities. There are also many restaurants which are open non-stop and serve many types of food, with something to suit all tastes.

  • Leaving the station

Stations often have several exits and are often very large. Don't hesitate to ask a ticket inspector what exit to take for the place you want to go to.

In Kyoto, the central station is a complex with a very large luxury hotel (Granvia), a big store (Isetan) and a very big audiovisual product shop (BicCamera), an underground shopping centre, a very large Tourist Office, etc…

La gare d'Osaka

La gare d'Osaka

© Andrew Leu, Unsplash

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