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They are a great source of inspiration; you will find that these different books have all the essential elements to discover, understand and explore Japan! 

Along with helping you plan and prepare your trip in Japan, our selection of books can also come in very handy during your exploration of the land of rising sun.



Bon Voyage Japan

Explore Japan like never before

French-born Tokyo resident Jean Freund has turned a personal illustration project into a travel book, which features a unique calligraphy inspired by goshuin, a form of seal traditionally collected at temples as a memorial of a traveler or pilgrim’s visit.

Bon Voyage Japan is a new form of travel journal  of handmade posters and calligraphies for people who love Japan, travel and art. 

Bon Voyage Japan

Japon Secret - Villages of Japan

Discover 35 Japanese villages (in French)

In this book by Jordy Meow, dive into the heart of an unexplored, intimate, secret of Japan, as its title indicates. Travel from one village to another through the lens and anecdotes of the author.

Escape to Japan,  thanks to the unique images captured, accompanied by the work of various illustrators who collaborated on the book!


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