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Prepare for your trip thanks to the "Before You Go", "Travelling to Japan" and "A Bit of Vocabulary" sections. Set off on a culinary adventure with "Get Your Chopsticks Out" or deepen your knowledge of Japan with the film "Understanding Japan". You can also look through sections about history and classical literature.


Before you travel

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Wanneer naar Japan gaan om de kersenbloesem te zien?

Bloemen die cultus zijn geworden, de bloei van kersenbomen, sakura, is een nationaal evenement in Japan.

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Traveling to japan

Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan 

Wereldkampioenschap rugby 2019 in Japan

Japan is dit jaar gastheer van de Rugby World Cup van 20 september tot 2 november. Bestel je Japan Rail Pass

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