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Japan Experience offers you travel packages that adapt to your desires while offering an immersion in the Japanese culture and daily life.

Our unique and diverse catalog adapts to your desires: Japan Rail Pass, tours, accommodation, activities, car rentals, and various travel products. Japan Experience accompanies you on every aspect of your stay anchored by 40 years of experience and our knowledgeable passionate travel advisers.

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Through an official partnership with the National Japan Railways Group (JR), Japan Experience becomes the first and only authorized seller of train tickets outside Japan.

It allows travelers to customize their train itineraries, preferences, and timing without committing to a multi-use pass that may not fully align with their journey 🚅.

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Japan Experience offers unlimited vacation possibilities to explore Japan. Our tours are the best way to ensure that you do not miss seeing any of the highlights of Japan



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  • Inclusief : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
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Kiyomizu, Kyoto

  • 97m²
  • 8 personen
  • WIFI

Kami-Ikebukuro, Tokyo

  • 97m²
  • 7 personen
  • WIFI

Higashiyama, Kanazawa

  • 100m²
  • 5 personen
  • WIFI

Demachiyanagi, Kyoto

  • 49m²
  • 2 personen
  • WIFI
  • Included :
  • Included :
  • Included :
  • Included :

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Hoe je van Kyoto naar Hakone komt

Hakone, een gebruikelijke reis voor mensen die vanuit Kansai komen, is een geweldige locatie om te genieten van enkele van de beste natuurlandschappen in heel Japan.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Hoe kom ik van Osaka naar Hiroshima?

Deze twee grote steden in het zuidelijke deel van het eiland Honshu zijn enkele van de meest excentrieke bestemmingen in heel Japan.

Is de Japan Rail Pass de moeite waard?

De Japan Rail Pass biedt een waaier aan voordelen, zoals gemak, flexibiliteit en ruime toegang, en is een populaire keuze voor bezoekers aan Japan.

Travel to Kanazawa

Van Tokio naar Kanazawa: Een reis met de Hokuriku Shinkansen

De Shinkansen-lijn, die de Hokuriku Shinkansen werd , werd gebouwd voor de Olympische Winterspelen van 1998 in Nagano om de gaststad te bedienen.

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Find all you need to know about Tokyo, Japan's bustling capital: Tokyo area guides, Tokyo parks, Tokyo museums and the city's restaurants and bars.

Explore Tokyo


Kyoto, the former imperial capital, is the most visited city in japan after Tokyo. It is traditional, spiritual, gastronomic and modern all at once, the city is an infinite source of fascination for those who explore it. Visiting Kyoto is an opportunity t...

Explore Kyoto


This medium-sized city, nestled between the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Alps, has plenty to offer travelers: exceptional historical sites, renowned art museums, traditional cuisine and refined craftwork. Kanazawa is a must-see destination. 

Explore Kanazawa


Some impressions endure time and appeal to generations to come. In Japan, Osaka is always looking to the future. A major hub of innovations, the economic capital of Kansai has a taste for commerce, audacity, and hospitality. Today, Osaka is the third...

Explore Osaka


Nara is located in the Kansai region and was Japan's first imperial capital. Nara has a wealth of historical and cultural heritage and of course deer. Home to many treasures that would be a shame to miss on your visit to Japan. 

Explore Nara


What is Hiroshima about? Of a trauma, that of the first atomic bombing, the atrocity of nuclear fire revealed to humanity. Of an ideal, that of a radical and unapologetic pacifism that constantly reminds the world of the true face of war. A city, last but...

Explore Hiroshima
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