Kyoto 京都

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Que voir à Kyoto, l'ancestrale capitale culturelle du Japon

Kyoto, ancienne capitale impériale, est la ville la plus visitée au Japon après Tokyo. À la fois traditionnelle, spirituelle, gourmande et moderne, la ville n'en finit pas de fasciner ceux qui l'explorent. Visiter Kyoto est l’occasion de découvrir le berceau de l’âme japonaise sous toutes ses facettes. Une étape incontournable d'un séjour réussi au Japon...


Events, festivals and matsuri in Kyoto

While festivals are common in Japan, Kyoto is the city with the highest number of matsuri (traditional festivals). Activity reaches a peak during the summer months. The Gion Matsuri is one of the city's biggest events, particularly on 17 July, when there is a parade of floats through the city center. The evening is also an opportunity for Japanese people to don their finest yukata. The biggest festival of Fushimi Inari, Motomiya, also takes place around 20 July. Yoimiya takes place the day before this festival: the whole shrine is lit up with hundreds of red lanterns.

Fushimi Inari

A tunnel of torii at Fushimi Inari Taisha


What to do in Kyoto?

Kyoto is home to quite a number of essential sights and monuments that any visitor should try and see. Here are the ones we think are unmissable:

City Guide Kyoto

Getting around Kyoto

Kyoto city buses run from Kyoto Station around the city. The flat-rate fare is 230 yen.

One-day bus passes are available on the bus or at the bus information center at Kyoto Station and can be used for one day only on Kyoto City buses. Insert your card into the machine when you get off the bus.

There are one-day (¥1200) and two-day (¥2000) passes for all buses and subways in Kyoto, known in Japanese as Kyoto Kankoh Ichi-nichi/Ni-nichi (one day/two days) Joh-sha-ken. These passes are valid for Kyoto city buses (green), Kyoto buses (white and red), the Karasuma underground line (north-south) and the Tozai underground line (east-west).


La pagode de Yasaka, Kyoto

La pagode de Yasaka, Kyoto

Daniel Tseng on Unsplash