10 cose da sapere prima di partire 旅行の準備

La lista delle cose da ricordare

Siete pronti a partire? Ecco 10 cose da controllare primadella partenza!

Conditions for entering Japan


1. Have a valid passport: to travel to Japan, a valid passport is required! 68 countries in the world are exempt from the visa requirement for a tourist stay of less than 90 days, but a tourist visa may be required for nationals of other countries. As tourist journeys are limited to 3 months in Japan, make sure you have a valid passport until the end of your stay.

Good to know: For stays of more than 90 days, a visa is required.


2. Have a return air ticket: as the visa-free travel period is limited to 90 days, Japanese legislation requires you to have a return plane ticket in order to enter Japan.


3. Have a local address: this is one of the conditions for entering Japan. You must provide an address in Japan, to be completed on the customs declaration on arrival. You only need to enter the address of your first accommodation in Japan, whether it is a hotel, a ryokan or a rental house. To gain some time, remember to prepare it in advance.

Passeport rangé dans un sac

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Néons d'un hôtel japonais

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MySOS application

MySOS application

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The essential elements to be planned


5. Have cash (yen): although credit cards are widely accepted in Japan, most everyday transactions are still done in cash, and small shops and restaurants do not accept cards. Make sure you have some cash in your pocket when you arrive!

If you were unable to get cash before departure, you can withdraw money from ATMs in all Konbinis. It's convenient, there are ATMs everywhere, but a commission is charged for each withdrawal. Therefore, use large denominations.


6. Plan an internet connection: Plan an internet connection: optimize your trip and travel more peacefully by having an internet access. Whether you rent a pocket Wi-Fi or buy a sim card, keep a connection in all circumstances!


7. Have an adapter: to be able to recharge all your devices, don't forget to take an adapter with you before you leave. Japanese plugs are different from French ones: they are type A, i.e. with two parallel flat pins (JIS C 8303, class II)!



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Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wi-Fi

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