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Come rendere il tuo viaggio pi√Ļ facile

Dai un'occhiata ad alcune delle nostre app preferite da utilizzare quando viaggi in treno in Giappone! Ordina oggi il tuo pass JR, disponibile in pass da 7, 14 e 21 giorni.

Come aggirare le barriere linguistiche

Scoprirai che i giapponesi in tutto il paese sono estremamente amichevoli e disponibili (indipendentemente dalla loro conoscenza dell'inglese!), ma per le circostanze pi√Ļ terribili, l'app Yomiwa pu√≤ farti superare la barriera linguistica.

Questa app, disponibile anche quando non sei connesso a Internet, tradurrà il giapponese con cui ti vedi in giro dalle foto scattate con il tuo smartphone!

Trovalo qui.

Per aiutare i visitatori, sempre pi√Ļ siti web sono in inglese. Il sito J-Dining √® nuovo ed √® un sito di prenotazione di ristoranti esclusivamente per turisti stranieri. Puoi prenotare una variet√† di ristoranti in tutto il Giappone, tra cui l'autentica cucina giapponese, l'Izakaya, il manzo Wagyu e la cucina di Kyoto.

Muoversi nel resto del Giappone

Hyperdia è uno dei nostri modi preferiti per organizzarci e muoverci mentre viaggi attraverso il paese. Non solo il sito Web è conveniente, puoi anche scaricare la loro app e tenere in tasca le loro infinite risorse di orari dei treni! Per informazioni velocissime, prova anche la loro applicazione Hyperdia for Voice .

Per ulteriori informazioni su come utilizzare Hyperdia, consultare il nostro sito Web . La nuova app Japan Travel Guide per turisti può aiutarti a trovare posti e ristoranti interessanti.



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Getting around Japan

Google Maps

Used all around the world as a standard for navigation is, of course, Google Maps. Google Maps in Japan offers detailed information on departure and arrival times, as well as extensive information on different routes, including ones that incorporate transfers and multiple modes of travel, like bus and/or taxi. 

You may see more delays or differences in departure time in more rural parts of Japan, but in general, Google Maps is fairly accurate in this regard. 

Google Maps also provides insight on walking routes, biking routes, taxi commuting times, and even air travel. Additionally, there are commuting fare estimates which are usually exact with train and bus routes. 


Known as Japan Transit Planner, Jorudan is one of the best alternative applications to downlaod for navigating the train system in Japan.

Jorudan has a web and mobile version - both on Android and Apple iOS, and on which you can search train, airline and highway bus schedules in Japan and compares prices. The app is available in 13 languages including Japanese, French, English, Spanish and German. 

If you are traveling with a Japan Rail Pass, this app is made for you as the free version includes a JR Pass option and allows results to be limited to trains covered by the JR Pass. 

Jorudan is downloadable on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is also available on the web.

  • Check out the web version of Jordaun¬†here.¬†¬†
Navitime Route Display

Navitime route display

Joshua Mueda

Jorudan interface

Jorudan interface

Joshua Mueda

Navitime & Japan Travel

Navitime functions much like Google Maps but with a focus on travel within Japan. It includes routes for different modes of transportation, other location based services, and even a feature where you can reserve and purchase tickets for certain transit options.

Also notable with Navitime is their subsidiary app, Japan Travel, which has the option to search routes that are compatible with the Japan Rail Pass. As the pass is a popular option with visitors, using such in conjunction with both Navitime and the Japan Travel application will be optimal. With this app, you can save routes and plan your itinerary with spots you've saved yourself in regards to your personal interests. There are also a number of personal recommendations the application offers.

Both applications have a premium, paid version, however, for most travelers, the free-to-use version will suffice. 

Getting around Tokyo

If you have a jam-packed schedule visiting all of the exciting places in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metro app is your new best friend. Available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese, this app will tell you how to get from point A to point B without following the complicated metro map. It can even use your current location to help you find the nearest station!

The City Rail Map App will also give you transportation information about the Tokyo area.

Routes by Japan Travel

Routes by Japan Travel

Joshua Mueda

Japan Travel app pass options

Japan Travel app pass options to incorporate with your travel routes.

Joshua Mueda

Flagging down a taxi in a busy, commercial area of a major city is no issue during anytime of the day or night, however, in more quiet or residential areas or the countryside, this may become more of a challenge. There are a number of apps available for travelers to call a taxi and also track the location of wandering taxis, but GO, DiDi, and S.Ride are two of the most prominent. These apps function much like applications such as uber and lyft out in the west and require an account to use. While attaching a credit or debit card is standard, there are also often options to just pay via cash upon being dropped off. 

S. Ride Taxi

Taxi associated with S. Ride application in Tokyod



With travelers and locals out-and-about throughout major cities in Japan, portable charging device rental services have greatly increased in number, and the most widely-used app is ChargeSPOT. This app, or any other portable battery rental apps, are a must-download for your trip to Japan, as they can come in clutch after a long day of exploration where there was no time or opportunities to recharge your phone! 

Rental machines for ChargeSPOT can be found in convenience stores, inside stations, stores, restaurants, and even at many karaoke locations all througout Japan! Simply connect a credit or debit card to an account after you download the app and scan the QR code on one of the rental machines using the scanner. Typically, you are charged per hour for the rental, and once you're done, you are able to return the device to any other ChargeSPOT location in the country. 

Uber Eats

While the standard Uber app used for transportation isn't as widely used in Japan, Uber Eats has become a staple amongst the populations, especially in major cities. Uber Eats in Japan functions primarily like it does in any other country, with options for delivery and take-out. Use the app to get delicious, local food delivered if you're having a day or night in to relax, or use it to find interesting restaurants within your area. 

Many restaurants on Uber Eats in Japan are local establishments that are popular with people living within the area, so it can be a great and convenient way to indulge in the local cuisine!

ChargeSPOT Application

ChargeSPOT application with rental locations listed on the map

Uber Eats Japan

Uber Eats Japan

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  • Incluso : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel
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  • Incluso : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel

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