Ordina il tuo JR Pass Regionale

Ordina il tuo JR Pass Regionale


Kansai Pass


Viaggia senza limiti nell'area di Kyoto e Osaka

Why Kintetsu 5 day Pass plus?

● Cover Kyoto <-> Nara; Osaka <-> Nara; Kyoto/Osaka/Nagoya <-> Ise/Toba and Kashikojima; Osaka <-> Yoshino and all buses in Nara, Ise and Toba areas. 

● You do not need to buy a ticket each time with google map to take a train, reduce your stress with this pass!

● Easy planning to visit the famous Kyoto Kinkaku-ji, Osaka castle, Nara deer park, Ise Jingu Grand Shrine, Toba Pearl Island, Aichi Ghibli park and Suzuka circuit (F1 Japan Grand prix circuit) with this pass!

Perché Kintetsu 5 day Pass plus?

Copre Kyoto <-> Nara; Osaka <-> Nara; Kyoto/Osaka/Nagoya <-> Ise/Toba e Kashikojima; Osaka <-> Yoshino e tutti gli autobus nelle aree di Nara, Ise e Toba. 

Non è necessario acquistare ogni volta un biglietto per prendere un treno con google map, riducendo lo stress con questo pass!

Con questo pass potrete visitare facilmente il famoso Kinkaku-ji di Kyoto, il castello di Osaka, il parco dei cervi di Nara, il grande santuario di Ise Jingu, l'isola delle perle di Toba, il parco Ghibli di Aichi e il circuito di Suzuka (circuito del Gran Premio del Giappone di F1)!

5 giorni

Adulto: 35 €

Bambino: 18 €

Perché Japan Experience consiglia il Kintetsu 5 day Pass plus: 


  • Le ferrovie Kintetsu sono il modo migliore (meglio di JR) per collegare Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka e Nagoya) con Nara, Ise e Toba. Inoltre, questo pass include gli autobus nelle aree di Ise e Toba, per raggiungere i luoghi turistici più famosi e lontani dalle stazioni ferroviarie: come il grande Santuario di Ise Jingu o le Rocce delle Coppie Sposate di Meoto Iwa.

Condizioni di utilizzo


  1. Dopo l'ordine, vi invieremo l'e-voucher via e-mail entro 5 giorni lavorativi. Se lo desiderate prima, poiché dovrete utilizzarlo prima dei 5 giorni lavorativi, non esitate a contattarci.
  2. Visitate i seguenti uffici della stazione Kintetsu accanto alla biglietteria automatica e scambiate il vostro voucher (non è necessario stamparlo, mostratelo al telefono) per ottenere un biglietto fisico! 

Tutti gli uffici sono aperti ogni giorno dal primo all'ultimo treno.

  • Kyoto : Kyoto station
  • Osaka :
    • Osaka-Namba station
    • Osaka-Uehommachi station
    • Osaka-Abenobashi station
  • Nara : Kintetsu-Nara station
  • Nagoya : Kintetsu-Nagoya station
  • Mie prefecture ; Tsu station

N.B.: Per salire su un treno Limited Express, oltre al KINTETSU RAIL PASS è necessario un biglietto Limited Express. I biglietti Limited Express Kintetsu possono essere acquistati presso una biglietteria Limited Express contrassegnata dalla stazione. I treni speciali Shimakaze, Aoniyoshi e Hinotori possono essere saliti a bordo con un terzo biglietto speciale, previa prenotazione.

Chi può usufruire di questo pass?

Per utilizzare questo pass è necessario essere un turista straniero che si reca in Giappone dall'estero per una visita turistica, con lo status di visitatore temporaneo.

Pertanto, i titolari di passaporto giapponese e gli stranieri residenti in Giappone non possono utilizzare questo pass. Il passaporto e il timbro del visto su di esso saranno controllati al momento del cambio del voucher. Se il vostro passaporto è giapponese o se siete entrati in Giappone senza lo status di visitatore temporaneo (cioè se non siete turisti ma residenti a lungo termine), non potrete scambiare il voucher con il pass vero e proprio e Japan experience non potrà rimborsarlo.

Politica di cancellazione

Solo i biglietti non riscattati entro il periodo di validità possono essere cancellati. Tuttavia, dopo che la prenotazione è stata confermata, non può essere annullata dopo le 23:59 ora locale di un giorno prima della data di partecipazione (la data selezionata al momento della prenotazione).

Kintetsu Premium Express Shimakaze Train

Kintetsu Premium Express Shimakaze Train


Sightseeing Express Blue Symphony Train

The Blue Symphony Train (青の交響曲) operates to-and-from Osaka-Abenobashi and Yoshino in Nara, a historic location right by the mountain of the same name. This town is famous for its gorgeous views of sakura during spring and remnants of the Japan of yester-year, home to a collection of traditional artwork, artifacts, and an array of traditional shrines and temples. 

The train also stops at a number of stations in between, such as Shakudo, Asuka, and Shimoichiguchi for you to explore. 

The Blue Symphony is like stepping back in time, designed to be reminiscent of the most luxurious trains of the last century with an elegant, traditional interior. There’s even a bar and lounge inside for you to relax and enjoy a drink as you ride. 

Kintetsu Blue Symphony Train

Kintetsu Blue Symphony Train


Hinotori Limited Express Train

For those traversing between the major cities of Osaka and Nagoya, the Hinotori Limited Express Train is the ultimate means of transportation. Hinotori in Japanese translates to “phoenix,” and the train interior is modeled after the legendary bird, with a sleek white, beige, and red motif. 

Outside of the train, passengers can see the full extent of the amazing views that central Japan has to offer, passing through major metropolitan areas with rows of skyscrapers as well as nature rich regions with forests and mountains abound. 

Osaka is the largest city in Kansai and boasts a lively and eccentric atmosphere with a strong nightlife. Head to Nagoya to see history first hand at Nagoya Castle as well as indulging in the city’s rich food culture with delicacies such as unagi hitsumabushi, tebasaki (sauced chicken wings), and a variety of red miso-based dishes. Between the two destinations, travelers can even stop at Nara to enjoy time in one of Japan’s oldest cities. 

Kintetsu Hinotori Train

Kintetsu Hinotori Train


Sightseeing Limited Express Aoniyoshi Train

The Aoniyoshi Train was set up specifically for riders to take in the sites and attractions of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Leisurely traveling between the three cities with a number of smaller stops on the way, the Aoniyoshi is the ultimate to go around Kansai and take 1,300 years of the nation’s history. 

Each destination represents Kansai and the whole of Japan in a unique way. Osaka’s vibrance and warmth with its lively districts such as Umeda and Dotonbori, Kyoto’s long-lasting history with its 17 different UNESCO sites, and Nara’s tranquility with its famous deer park and countless shrines and temples.  

Following a royal purple motif on the exterior with gold and green accents on the outside and interior, the train exudes elegance and class. The sales counter inside sells snacks from Nara Prefecture along with a number of goods limited to sale on the train. 

Kintetsu Aoniyoshi Train

Kintetsu Aoniyoshi Train



Terms of use

  • After your order, we will send you an e-voucher by Email within 5 business days.
  • If you need the voucher as soon as possible (within 5 business days), please contact us.
  • Please visit the following Kintetsu station offices next to the ticket machine below and exchange your voucher (No need to be printed out, show it on the phone) to get a physical ticket! 

All offices are open from the first train to the last train everyday.

  • Kyoto : Kyoto station
  • Osaka :Osaka-Namba station/Osaka-Uehommachi station/
  • Osaka-Abenobashi station
  • Nara : Kintetsu-Nara station
  • Nagoya : Kintetsu-Nagoya station
  • Mie prefecture : Tsu station

NOTE: To board a Limited Express train, a Limited Express ticket is required in addition to KINTETSU RAIL PASS. Kintetsu Limited Express tickets can be purchased at a Limited Express ticket counter at the station. Shimakaze special trains, Aoniyoshi and Hinotori can be boarded with a third special ticket, with a reservation. 

Who is eligible for this pass?

To use this pass you must be a foreign tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing, under the entry status of temporary visitor.

Therefore, Japanese passport holders nor foreign residents in Japan can use this pass. Your passport and visa stamp will be verified at the time of voucher exchange. If your passport is a Japanese one or if you entered Japan without temporary visitor status (meaning if you are not a tourist but a long-term resident), you will not be able to exchange your voucher for the real pass and Japan experience will not be able to refund it.

Cancellation policy

Only unredeemed tickets within the validity period can be canceled. However, after the reservation is confirmed, it cannot be canceled after 23:59 local time one day before the participation date (the date selected at the time of reservation).