Shimane Cultural Treasures

  • Published on : 30/03/2020
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Shimane cultural treasures: Shimane is an undervalued area of Japan and includes such riches as the Kaka Harbor and caves, Yuushien Garden and Mihonoseki.

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Yunotsu Onsen Shimane Prefecture

Yunotsu is a small, quiet, old-fashioned type of hot spring resort dating back 1,300 years located on the Japan Sea coast of Shimane Prefecture.

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Omori Iwami Ginzan Shimane Guide

Omori in Shimane Prefecture is part of the Iwami Ginzan UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a Preserved District of Edo Period buildings.

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Sakurai Family Samurai House

Sakurai Family Samurai House & Kabeya Shusei-kan History Museum: the Sakurai were a samurai family involved in iron production for the making of swords in the Okuizumo region of Shimane Prefect

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