Kyoto Bus & Subway 1-day Pass

  • Economic and simple
  • Unlimited travel

Why buy the Kyoto Bus & Subway 1 Day Pass?

  • Unlimited bus and subway access in Kyoto city.
  • No wasting time in line to get a ticket for every ride.
  • Use the pass to visit popular tourist attractions in Kyoto such as Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera and Fushimi Inari Taisha.
  • Receive discounts and other special offers at select facilities upon presentation of the ticket on the day of use.


  • We will send the actual, physical ticket to your home address before you travel to Japan. (This product is NOT a voucher or e-voucher, so there is no need to exchange it before use).
  • Delivery time : 5-7 business days after placing the order. 

Terms of use

  • The pass validity is measured by date, not in hours. Once used for the first time, the date will be printed on the ticket and it can then be used until the end of that day. It cannot be used the following day. 
  • Bus: In Kyoto, you should present your ticket when you disembark. When you get off the bus, insert your card into the machine next to the bus driver's seat.
  • Subway: Insert the pass into the ticket gate at each station as you enter and exit.  


  • We do not sell the child pass. Please buy the adult pass for 6-11 years old children too, if required.
  • Children under 6 years of age can travel for free if accompanied by an adult pass holder.
  • One pass is required per person.
  • If you want to use this pass for multiple days, please purchase as many passes as required.


This product is non-refundable. However, the pass has no expiration date and can be saved and used in the future, any time you visit Kyoto for one day.


Kyoto Bus & Subway 1-day Pass

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