Insurance terms

Insurance secured with Europe Assistance under the contract n°53 789 573.

This insurance is valid for stays under 90 days. All insurance contracts must be taken out on the day you purchase your trip. In case of cancellation for natural disaster/accident, it is essential to inform your trip’s organizer, then to make your claim to the insurance company.

 The insurance will refund you the cancellation penalties withheld by the airline, in all the cases mentioned below:

  • Severe body injury, death of yourself, a family member, your professional replacement or of a disabled person under your care.
  • Contraindication or problems caused by compulsory vaccination for your trip
  • Damage occurring to your property (home or business premises)
  • Redundancy for economic reasons
  • Visible and unpredictable complication of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy unknown at the time of the purchase of the trip and for which the trip is contraindicated
  • Depression, mental illness or nervous illness leading to hospitalization of more than 4 consecutive days
  • Administrative summon (verified)
  • You have to be summoned to a make up session for an official exam
  • Summon for a child adoption, to obtain a residence permit or for an organ transplant
  • Obtaining of an employment or a paid internship
  • Divorce or separation registered at the tribunal’s office
  • Refusal of your touristic visa by the authorities of the country
  • Job transfer, requiring you to move house
  • Robbery at your house or at your business premises
  • An accident in the public transportation system that makes you miss your plane or boat booked for your departure
  • Modification or revocation of your previously granted paid leave by your employer. The deductible is then of 20%.
  • Lost or theft of your ID or ticket needed for your trip within 48 hours prior to your departure
  • Death or hospitalization for more than 3 consecutive days as a result of severe body injury, of one of your uncles or aunts, nephews, nieces or spouse (legal or de facto)
  • Serious damage to your vehicle within 48 hours prior to your departure
  • Cancellation for one of the reason listed above of one or more beneficiaries, and thus forcing you to travel by yourself or with only one other person.
  • If you decide to go alone, the warrantee will cover the extra hotel expenses caused by said cancellation
  • If you are unable to go, you can transfer your trip to another person, the insurance will cover the costs of the name change

Attention: A deductible of €15 per person is to be anticipated.

The maximum refundable amount is €7,623 per person and €38,112 per event.