Enjoying Japan in Paris at the Guimet Museum

Discover Japanese art in Paris

Rare or exceptional works of art, everyday objects, tea house or Japanese-inspired garden: Japan is magnificently represented at the National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet. Before leaving or after a trip to Japan, discover the country of the Rising Sun through its art. The National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet (abbreviated as Mnaag) includes the Guimet Museum, the Heidelbach Hotel and its garden and the Ennery Museum. Japan is richly but differently represented in each of these three establishments. Journey to Japanese land…

The Japanese Middle Ages are represented by samurai outfits, saber blades, and statues of Buddhas and other deities.

Sculptures representing Buddha or boddhisattvas, Zen monks or guardians of temples show the evolution of Japanese Buddhist art.

Paintings on silk, sumi-e (ink paintings), kakemono (painting or calligraphy that is suspended), makimono (manuscript scrolls), screens, lacquers, ceramics and porcelain testify to the degree of sophistication not only of the works of art but also objects of daily use such as kimonos, netsuke (clothing accessory), inrô (small boxes) or even utensils used for the tea ceremony. The museum also has a collection of Noh theater masks .


These collections would be incomplete if they did not include the famous Japanese prints, Ukiyo-e ("Pictures of the Floating World"). The museum has nearly 3,000.

Armure japonaise - Musée Guimet

Japanese armor - Guimet Museum

MA 8102

The tea pavilion – or chashitsu – is the work of architect Nakamura Masao. Built in 2001, the best Japanese craftsmen of the time were called upon. It is not only an ornamental piece but a real place created for the tea ceremony and where the different Japanese tea schools can come to practice their ancestral art.



  • The garden of the Heidelbach hotel is only accessible during conference visits and exceptional events.

Heidelbach Museum Garden


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