Traveling to Japan in Burgundy

When the Japanese arts are practiced in the middle of the vines

For several years now, the Japanese have had a love affair with Burgundy. In particular thanks to its wine, which is very popular in Japan!  The barrels of Meiji-Jingu offered to the Maison des Vins de Bourgogne in Tokyo is proof of the deep connection and admiration resulting in the Chablis region in the country. On the contrary, there are also many places dedicated to Japanese culture very close to the Burgundy vineyards...

Eika Ikebana workshop (Dijon)


After studying the art of Ikebana in Tokyo, Christine Guillemot opened her school of Japanese flower arrangement in Dijon, the Eika Ikebana workshop, which offers courses throughout the year.

To respect the change of seasons (an important rule for ikebana ), these courses are grouped into 4 sessions of 3 months each. It is possible to integrate a session during the year, and lessons are given every Tuesday and Friday with one lesson in the middle of the afternoon and one lesson at the beginning of the evening.

Ikebana, the art of flowers

Ikebana Rinpa

Manga T (Dijon)



With stores in Metz, Annecy, and Dijon, Manga-T is well known to Japanese comic book enthusiasts.

Open from 2 pm to 7 pm. Monday to Saturday in Dijon, this small tea room offers you to taste pastries and teas from Japan while leafing through one or two manga volumes.

It is also the place to buy snacks and decorations from the archipelago if you are passing through the Dijon area.

 Manga T à Dijon

Manga T in Dijon


La calligraphie japonaise peut aussi s'apprendre dans les associations franco-japonaises de l'hexagone!

Japanese calligraphy can also be learned in French-Japanese associations in France!


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