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A Gasto family restaurant

Max choice, mini price

Originally created to satisfy a varied clientele, family restaurants are very popular in Japan. What are they and where can you find them? Here's an introduction to six well-known family restaurant chains beloved by the Japanese.

The key to their success? A recipe that has proven itself: offering plenty of choice to customers, while ensuring unbeatable prices in the catering market.

Japanese hamburger steaks for less than 600 yen, pasta for pennies, and ice cream at low prices, these chain restaurants offer the opportunity to eat a complete meal for less than 1,000 yen (under $10 USD) per person.

It's a formula that has greatly contributed to their success throughout the country, just like the huge variety on their menus.

You'll find absolutely everything at a famiresu! From Japanese specialities like katsudon to classic Western dishes like pizza, you'll always find something to tempt you.

Especially since the menus change regularly, as they adapt to offer seasonal items or those celebrating events in the Japanese calendar.

Jonathan's special ''strawberries'' menu for March


Ideal for those on a budget, family restaurants also offer great value add-ons, such as their ''drink bar'' option at less than 300 yen, which lets you enjoy unlimited soft drinks from a self service counter in a corner of restaurants.

The ''drink bar'' sometimes even offers soups, which all customers can enjoy if they order one of the many "menus of the day" offered by the chains.

A drink bar at a "Jonathan's"

Gasuto ガスト

With more than 1,300 locations across the country, Gasuto is probably the most popular family restaurant chain in Japan. It offers different menus each month, and makes sure to keep prices low all year round.

Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Surfing the popularity of Italian cuisine in Japan, Saizeriya offers pizza, pasta and other beloved Italian specialties (with a Japanese twist!) at low prices.

A Japanese "hamburg" at Gasuto


Japanese food at Denny's

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