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  • Published on : 15/12/2022
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Today considered as one of the greatest mangas in existence, while also being one of the most popular, One Piece has influenced several generations.  Here is an overview of what One Piece is about and its influence across the globe.

The story of One Piece

One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate whose body became rubbery after eating the Gum Gum demon fruit. Luffy, nicknamed Mugiwara no Luffy (Luffy with the straw hat) because of the straw hat he wears all the time, is determined to become the king of the pirates.

The elastic man sets himself the goal of assembling a crew, and he soon meets Zoro, a swordsman, Nami, a navigator, Usopp, a sniper and Sanji, a cook. As the adventure progresses, other characters will join the crew such as Tony-Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky and Brook.

Thus, the Mugiwara quickly set out to conquer the Grand Line ocean, in search of the treasure left by Gold Roger at his death: the One Piece.

Wanted Luffy

©Kevin, flickr

Wanted Roronoa Zoro

©Kevin, flickr

Wanted Nami

©Kevin, flickr

Wanted Usopp

©Kevin, flickr

Wanted Sanji

©Kevin, flickr

Wanted Chopper

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Wanted Nico Robin

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Wanted Franky

©Kevin, flickr

Wanted Brook

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An inextinguishable popularity 20 years later

In 2022, One Piece became the best-selling manga in the world, with over 500 million copies sold! A popularity that continues to be illustrated at the dawn of the end of the manga. 

In addition to the paper version, the adaptation in animated version by Toei Animation that started in 1999 contributed to enlarge the fan base of One Piece. With endearing characters, new companions, adventures and mysteries always more intense, the popularity of One Piece has never stopped growing.

In addition to being the best-selling manga in the world, One Piece has become part of the urban landscape! 

In Kumamoto, the birthplace of the author Eiichiro Oda, a statue of Luffy has been erected at the prefectural government office. Indeed, after having offered 800 million yen (6.2 million euros) to help repair the damage caused by the earthquake the city suffered in 2016, the mangaka was named an honorary citizen and was offered a life-size bronze statue of his main character! 

Standing in the heart of the city, the statue of Luffy symbolizes Oda's commitment to his country and his native region. In the prefecture, we also find Zoro in Ozu, Nami in Nishihara, Usopp in Aso, Sanji in Mashiki, Chopper in Kumamoto, Robin in Minamiaso, Franky in Takamori and Brook in Mifune

One Piece has become a symbol of manga on the international scene and a true emblem of pop culture in Japan!

Statue de Usopp à Aso

©Samiul Alam Rajib, flickr

Statue de Nami à Nishihara

©wing of kaz, flickr

Statue de Luffy à Kumamoto

©SocialHermit, flickr

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