How to get from Nagoya to Takayama

The terminal station of the Hida Limited Express, Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture, goes out to the other side of Honshu Island to the Japan Sea Coast, and halfway through, it stops at Takayama, a nature and culture-rich haven in Gifu Prefecture!

Trip Duration Approx. 2 hours 30mins
First & Last Departure 7:43 AM/8:17 PM
💶 Cost From 1,340 to 2,820 yen
🚆 Distance 165 kilometers
🚉 Departing/Arriving Station Nagoya Station/
Takayama Station
Hida Limited Express Train
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When it comes to historical sites, Nagoya Castle is a must-see. It was the first castle in Japan to be named a "national treasure." Despite having been constructed in 1612, Nagoya Castle was repaired following World War II devastation and is now a city emblem. 

Visits to the neighboring prefectures, which are conveniently located near Nagoya, are highly recommended. The southern part of Gifu, which features mountains and undulating valleys with little towns and villages interspersed, is a popular secondary destination. Additionally, this area is well-known for its mino ceramics, and one can visit the studios or stores of several active artisans in the neighborhood. Rich coastlines can be found in the northeastern region of Mie Prefecture, and the town of Kameyama has several old temples to explore. 

Nagoya Castle with Sakura

Nagoya Castle with Sakura


View of Nagoya

View of Nagoya showing the 170m-tall Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers and the Kintetsu & Meitetsu Stations

@Japan Visitor

The town of Hida is not far from Shirakawago and is a small town with modest charm. The Furukawa River flows through the center of town, with small shops and restaurants scattered throughout. One of Takayama’s most recognized calling cards is that of the award-winning Wagyu beef that is sourced from the region. Dishes featuring the luxuriously marbled meat can be found everywhere, some even being Michelin-starred. Additionally, cafes built out of traditional Japanese homes can be found alongside long-standing sake breweries and soy sauce producers. For fans of anime, Hida-Furukawa Station is an essential visit, as both it and the surrounding area were heavily featured in the 2016 smash hit “Your Name” by Makoto Shinkai. 

Sanno Festival in Takayama

Sanno Festival in Takayama

@flickr/ ZiJing

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