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The Sanyo Shinkansen Line 

Sanyo Shinkansen: Your guide to Japan's western bullet train line

The Sanyo Shinkansen is a high-speed bullet train line connecting major cities in western Japan. It runs from Shin-Osaka to Hakata (Fukuoka), passing through Kobe, Himeji, Okayama, and Hiroshima.

The Shinkansen network

The Shinkansen Bullet Train Network

The first Shinkansen was issued for public use in 1964, right before the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo that same year.

Tokaido Shinkansen

Tokaido Shinkansen - The Bullet Train Connecting Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

The bullet train going from Tokyo to Osaka has three different lines. What's the difference? Read more to find out.


Can I ride the Nozomi & Mizuho Shinkansen with the Japan Rail Pass?

The Shinkansen bullet train is hailed as one of the most premium and efficient means of rail travel in the entire world, making it a popular choice for visitors to Japan who are engaging in

Un voyageur dans un Shinkansen regarde le Mont Fuji

Shinkansen Bullet Trains in Japan

The best way to travel around Japan is on a high speed Bullet Train. Order your Japan Rail Pass today online!

Japan Visitor - joetsu2018.jpg

Joetsu Shinkansen

Joetsu Shinkansen: read a guide to the Joetsu Shinkansen which connects Tokyo Station with Niigata Station in Niigata via Echigo Yuzawa.

Shinkansen Nozomi à quai

The Nozomi Shinkansen

The Nozomi is the super-express bullet train service on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, faster than the Kodama and Hikari services, and is the only shinkansen service not fully covered by the Japan Ra

How to read a Shinkansen Reservation Ticket ?

Learn here how to read the seat reservation ticket.


The Mickey Mouse Shinkansen

Since May 2019 and until November 2019, you can ride a Mickey Mouse shinkansen to explore Kyushu with a Japan Rail Pass.

Shinkansen 500

The Shinkansen 500

On June, 30, JR West introduced a Shinkansen 500 refurbished with the famous character Hello Kitty. Let’s study the story of this Shinkansen model introduced in 1997.


Free wifi on bullets train 

Free wifi on Shinkansen with a Japan Rail Pass


The Shinkansen N700S

The N700S is the 6th generation model based on the N700 series. It will debut in 2020 on the main Shinkansen line in Japan, the Tokaido Line.

Genbi_Shinkansen E3-700

The Genbi shinkansen

In the Genbi shinkasen between Echigo Yuzawa and Niigata, passengers can enjoy modern art created by some of today’s most prominent artists.

Kyushu Shinkansen

The Kyushu Shinkansen

Since 2011, ii is very easy to explore southern Japan with a Japan Rail Pass. The Kyushu Shinkansen has a new extension providing services from Hakata (Fukuoka Station) to Kagoshima.


The Maglev between Tokyo and Osaka

The maglev train between Tokyo and Osaka will be the fastest train in the world with a speed approximately twice that of current Shinkansen at 500 km/h

E5 Granclass Shinkansen

Inside the Gran Class

The Gran Class, the Japan bullet train's latest first-class experience. 

Hokuriku shinkansen

The Hokuriku Shinkansen

Going across the island of Honshu, the Hokuriksu Shinkansen traverses between the metropolitan capital of Tokyo and the prefectures on the Japan Sea Coast. 

Future Shinkansen

Future Shinkansen

Japan's amazing network of bullet trains is always expanding. Read about planned and upcoming shinkansen! Japan Rail Pass - Available in 7-, 14-, and 21-day passes. Order yours today.

Shinkansen 100

The 50-Year History of the Shinkansen

The shinkansen turned 50 years old this year! Learn about its history here. Japan Rail Pass - Available in 7-, 14-, and 21-day passes.

Torei-yu Tsubasa

The Toreiyu Tsubasa Bullet Train

The Toreiyu Tsubasa is a special Japanese bullet train with a miniature hot spring inside! Buy your JR Pass today: Available in 7-, 14-, and 21-day passes

Evangelion shinkansen

The Evangelion Shinkansen

Anime lovers, use your JR Pass to ride on the special Evangelion shinkansen!

Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen

The New Hokkaido Shinkansen

Since March 2016, the brand new Hokkaido Shinkansen line is in operation. Read more about it here, and get your Japan Rail Pass today! Available in 7-, 14-, and 21-day passes.

Hokkaido shinkansen

Introduction to the Hokkaido Shinkansen

Get ready for the upcoming Hokkaido Shinkansen train!


Hokkaido Shinkansen' stations and trains

Since March 2016, the new Hokkaido Shinkansen is in operation. Discover the new stations and how to reach Hakodate and Sapporo.