Chuo Line Tokyo: Your Complete Guide to Riding the Central JR Line

  • Published on : 09/03/2024
  • by : Japan Experience

The Chuo Line is a major JR train line running through central Tokyo. It's one of the most important train lines for commuters and travelers alike, connecting key stations like Tokyo Station, Shinjuku, and Akihabara. Understanding how to ride the Chuo Line is essential for navigating Tokyo efficiently.

Key Stations on the Chuo Line in Central Tokyo

The Chuo Line stops at several important stations in central Tokyo:

  • Tokyo Station - terminal station and transfer point
  • Kanda Station
  • Ochanomizu Station
  • Yotsuya Station
  • Shinjuku Station - transfer to many other lines
  • Nakano Station

Using the Japan Rail Pass on the Chuo Line

The Japan Rail Pass fully covers the Chuo Line. Just show your pass at the ticket gates to ride. You can take any train except limited express services. It's a great way to explore the city and surroundings on a budget.


Inside a Chuo Line train

Inside a Chuo Line train

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