Hanshin Railway: Connecting Osaka and Kobe

  • Published on : 24/03/2024
  • by : Japan Experience

The Kansai region of Japan is a popular destination for travelers, offering a blend of modern cities and historic attractions. Connecting two of the region's major cities, Osaka and Kobe, is the convenient and affordable Hanshin Railway. Operated by the private Hanshin Electric Railway company, this line is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass but provides an economical alternative for exploring the area.

When using the Hanshin Railway, consider the following tips for a smooth journey:

  • Purchase tickets from vending machines at stations or use an IC card for convenient, cashless travel.
  • Use English-language apps like Japan Transit Planner or Navitime to plan routes and check schedules.
  • Take advantage of services and amenities at major stations, such as coin lockers, shops, and restaurants.
  • Be mindful of luggage on trains, as space is limited. Consider using local buses or highway buses for trips with large suitcases.


Hanshin Rapid Express Kosoku Train

Hanshin Rapid Express Kosoku Train

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