Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort 野沢温泉スキー場

Slide and relax


Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort offers a vast ski area and a multitude of activities, from skiing/snowboarding to snowshoeing in nature or new sliding sports such as Snow-scoot. To relax after your efforts, the hot springs of Nozawa are ideal.



In 1923, the first ski club of Nozawa Onsen was established with the aim of developing the resort in the heart of the mountains, for winter sports activities and relaxation in the onsen (Japanese hot springs).

In 1998, during the Nagano Winter Olympics , the biathlon events were held in Nozawa.

In 2015, the shinkansen (Japanese TGV) made it possible to get as close as possible to Nozawa Onsen , thanks to Iiyama station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, located a dozen kilometers away.


Nozawa et la vallée d'Ilyama vu depuis le haut du domaine skiable

Nozawa and the Ilyama Valley seen from the top of the ski area

Wikimedia Commons


Everything for skiing

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort is a vast ski area that has 36 slopes for beginners to the most experienced who want to hit the slopes, from 565 meters up to 1,650 meters above sea level , the summit of Mount Kenashi.

Snow cover is always guaranteed in this resort , the quality of the snow recognized by skiers who love powder snow, as well as by tourists from all over the world who come here. This is why many indications are displayed in English and you will even find English-speaking ski instructors there.


Skieur dévalant une piste à Nozawa onsen (Nagano)

Skier racing down a slope in Nozawa onsen (Nagano)

Jerome Laborde

Randonnée en raquettes dans la nature

Snowshoe hike in nature

Jerome Laborde


All the pleasures of onsen

After all this energy spent slaloming and walking in the snow, finally comes the time for comfort and relaxation. This is where the second part of the program is activated with the onsen of Nozawa to relax.

The village of Nozawa Onsen has 13 public baths , which have been maintained by the locals themselves since the Edo period. The water comes directly from the source, very hot and effective in repairing all your ailments. These small establishments are open access , you give what you want in a small box placed at the entrance, to thank you for the interview.

There's also the Nozawa Onsen Spalina , which offers several accessible baths including a large outdoor bath. The water is cooler there than in the small establishments, you will even find a restaurant there (700 yen the entrance, or 5€).

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Onsen traditionnel du village

Traditional onsen of the village, very nice establishment maintained by the villagers themselves.

Jerome Laborde

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