Le nouveau train GSE 70 000

Le nouveau train GSE 70 000


As of April 2023, Hyperdia has stopped updating its timetable details on route search service, and is thus not the recommended app for train travel anymore. 

Alternative Application

One of the best alternative to Hyperdia is Jorudan. It is so far the most reliable websites and applications for looking up routes, fares and travel times. It is easy to use, especially good for those who are first-timers in Japan. 

The navigating application is available on Android and Apple and has a web version. Jorudan offers its service in 13 different languages, including Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish and has two versions: a free version and a premium version. Both are available on the desktop and mobile versions, and both include a Japan Rail Pass option.

  • Install Jorudan for iPhone HERE.
  • Install Jorudan for Android HERE.
Quai Yamanote à Uguisudani

Yamanote wharf in Uguisudani

Jerome Laborde

You just need to fill in the "from" and "to" fields of the search tab using the names of the stations proposed by Hyperdia according to the letters typed, then to specify the dates and times of departure or arrival of the journey you wish to make.

Note that it is also possible to indicate the number of connections accepted per trip ("route outputs"), as well as the type of train you would like to use (express, local, Shinkansen, metro, etc.). Be careful though, if you have a Japan Rail Pass, don't forget to uncheck the "Nozomi / Mizuho" boxes in the transport categories! These trains cannot be used with the JR Pass!


L'application Hyperdia


Once the data is entered, all you have to do is look at the search results. These are classified by increasing times (from the earliest to the latest) by indicating at the top (facing Route x) the travel time, the number of connections, and the price of the journey (for the Shinkansen the price of the ticket and that of the reservation), and below the trip details (stations and timetables).

To go further, also know that it is possible to check the specific timetables at each station for a given train (by clicking on "Train timetable") as well as the plan of the surroundings of the latter (by clicking on "Map", to the right).

Le moteur de recherche de Hyperdia propose de sélectionner un billet de métro ou de train en fonction de nombreux critères

Le moteur de recherche de Hyperdia propose de sélectionner un billet de métro ou de train en fonction de nombreux critères


Called Highway Bus Search, the bus version of Hyperdia takes the form of a small search tab placed just below the trains. It simulates a bus trip between two large Japanese cities, and its use is even simpler than that of the " classic" Hyperdia since it suffices to indicate the places of arrival and departure of the trip as well as the date of departure scheduled for the latter to generate all the trains that run that day between the two destinations.

In addition to the average price and the configuration of the seats (equipped with USB socket, integrated sleeper mode, etc.), the search results will also indicate here the various stops on the route, as well as the times at which they will potentially be reached (the bus being dependent on traffic let us not forget).

bus kyoto

A Kyoto city bus

Wikimedia Commons

Address, timetable & access

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