The 100-yen shop in Japan 100円ショップ

All 1 euro stores in Japan

The "100-yen shop" is an institution in Japan. They cover the needs of daily life for only 110 yen! You can also find very inexpensive stationery and souvenirs to bring back from Japan. Discover everything you need to know about these stores! 

  • The most popular products, especially among tourists:


- Japanese souvenirs: sushi keyrings, Japanese chopsticks, Japanese fingered socks, mugs bearing the image of Mount Fuji, manekineko (beckoning cat figure), Hello Kitty, fans, etc.

- stationery: erasable ballpoint pens, 270 ° stapler, pretty little notebooks, etc.

- beauty products: face masks, false eyelashes, eyebrow lacquer, lightening products ...

- Japanese glass or earthenware tableware: plates, rice bowls, tea and sake cups, etc.

100 yens shop

Serviettes de tables à 100 yens.


100 yens shop

Des moules à onigiri à 100 yens !


TOKYO - Daiso Asakusa ROX

Address: 1-25-15 Asakusa, Taitō-ku

Access: Asakusa Station, in Asakusa ROX Mall

TOKYO - Daiso Biz

Address: 1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Access: Nishi-Shinjuku station , in the Nomura Building

TOKYO - Daiso ABAB Ueno

Address: 4-8-4 Ueno, Taitō-ku

Access: Ueno station , in the AbAb shopping center


Between 100 and 500 yen, you should find your happiness for almost nothing Daiso Harajuku.

With everything costing between 100 and 500 yen, you should find happiness for almost nothing at Daiso Harajuku.



Un 100 yen shop, où tous les produits sont à 0,80 euros

Akiyoshi's Room

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