The kissa manga 漫画喫茶

A manga… and to bed!

Halfway between the library and the cyber cafe, manga kissa rent private boxes by the hour so you can enjoy your manga without interruption and or get some shut-eye!! 


Everything you need at your fingertips

Open 24 hours a day, the manga kissa have the particularity of offering a little privacy to their customers, by renting closed boxes, equipped with a futon (or an armchair) and a computer. A basic comfort but sufficient for a short unusual night, especially since you will also find toilets and showers (with shower gel and shampoo available)! Be careful, some boxes are for smokers and, therefore, some spaces are quite smoky.


Unlimited drinks

After a shower and before starting a DVD evening in your box, stop at the bar where you will often find unlimited drinks - cold and hot -, instant noodle dish dispensers, a microwave, and candies.

Manga café Manboo

Entrance to a manga cafe Manboo.


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