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Discover the JR Sagano Line: Your gateway to Kyoto's top attractions

The JR Sagano Line is a popular railway for tourists visiting Kyoto, as it connects Kyoto Station to important stops like Nijo, Uzumasa and Saga-Arashiyama.

Marutamachi Platform Sign

Marutamachi Station Kyoto

Marutamachi Station is a station on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto subway one stop north of Karasuma Oike (the interchange station with the Tozai Line).

Imadegawa Station, Kyoto.

Imadegawa Station Karasuma Line Kyoto Subway

Imadegawa Station is a subway stop on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto subway one stop north of Marutamachi Station and one stop south of Kuramaguchi Station.

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Nijo Station

Nijo Station Kyoto: find information on Kyoto's JR Nijo Station including train and subway services and nearby attractions including Nijo Castle.

Tokyo Tower

Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station: find information on Kyoto Station including rail services from Kyoto Station, the Kyoto subway and trains to Kansai international Airport (KIX).

Kitanohakubaicho Station, Kyoto.

Kitano Hakubaicho Station Kyoto

Kitano Hakubaicho Station is a terminus of the Keifuku Electric Railway out further west to Arashiyama. The station is close to Ritsumeikan University.

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Karasuma Oike Station Kyoto

Karasuma Oike Station in Kyoto is the intersect station of the Karasuma and Tozai Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway network.

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Tozai Line Kyoto Subway

The Tozai Line of Kyoto Subway runs east-west from Rokujizo Station to Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station. The Tozai Line intersects with the Karasuma Line at Karasuma Oike Station.


How to go from Kyoto to Nara ?

Discover how to go from Kyoto to Nara and its famous temples from Kyoto.

Bus in Kyoto

Kyoto Bus & Subway Travel Cards & Passes

The city of Kyoto is a center of traditional culture in Japan that is one of the country's most popular destinations.

Karasuma Line, Kyoto Subway

Karasuma Line Kyoto Subway

The Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Subway runs north south from Kokusaikaikan Station to Takeda Station via Kyoto Station. The Karasuma Line intersects with the Tozai Line at Karasuma Oike Station.


The Sagano Scenic Railway

Explore the natural landscape of Kyoto with a ride on the Sagano Scenic Railway with your JR Pass. Order your Japan Rail Pass today - available in 7, 14, and 21 day passes.

Kyoto bus

IC Cards on Kyoto Buses

IC Cards can now be used on Kyoto City Buses. Learn how this can help your travel with your Japan Rail Pass.

Kyoto Train Museum

The Kyoto Train Museum

A Japan train museum opened in Kyoto in spring 2016, just a few minutes' walk from Kyoto Station!

Kansai International Airport

From Kansai International Airport to Kyoto with a Japan Rail Pass

How to reach Kyoto from Kansai International Airport with a Japan Rail Pass ?

Tokyo Tower

Discover Kyoto Station

Discover Kyoto Station and its shinkansen platforms, JR platforms and Kintetsu station.

Station Entrance

Demachiyanagi Station

Demachiyanagi Station: read a guide to Demachiyanagi Station in Kyoto which connects to the Keihan and Eizan lines.

Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto

Shijo Kawaramachi Station

Shijo Kawaramachi Station Kyoto: read a guide to Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi Station in Kyoto at the heart of Kyoto's shopping and entertainment area.

Sanjo Keihan Station, Kyoto

Sanjo Keihan Station

Sanjo Keihan Station: read a guide to Sanjo Keihan Station in Kyoto. Sanjo Keihan Station has trains to Yodoyabashi, Uji and Demachiyanagi.