Anpanman Train アンパンマン例車

The Anpanman Train is a special train running in Shikoku with liveries and interior decorations on the theme of the popular Anpanman children's manga and anime series.

The Anpanman train runs across the Seto Ohashi Bridge from Okayama Station in Okayama in Honshu to Matsuyama in Shikoku on the Yosan Line.

Another Anpanman livery trains run on the Dosan Line from Okayama to Kubokawa via Kochi and then along the Tosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Line to Nakamura in Shimanto. This route is one of the most picturesque in Japan and passes through the Iya Valley and Oboke Gorge areas.

The third Anpanman train runs on the Kotoku Line linking the important cities and prefectural capitals of Takamatsu (Kagawa) with Tokushima (Tokushima).

Each line has its own livery, the Yosan Line trains have a white background, Dosan Line trains are brightly painted in more vivid colors. The designs have also changed and been renewed since the service began in 2000. In the carriages themselves Anpanman characters can be found on the seats, headrests, ceilings and even the curtains.

The special Anpanman Torokko trains run only at weekends, public holidays and over vacation periods such as Golden Week.

These trains have wooden benches and large viewing windows with Anpanman-themed music and announcements and are very popular with young children and their parents.

anpanman 1

Anpanman Train at Okayama Station

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anpanman 2

Anpanman Train, Japan

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Shikoku is as proud of the creator of the Anpanman manga and anime series, Takashi Yanase as it is of another local hero, Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-1867).

Both men were born in Kochi. Images and statues of Ryoma and Anpanman can be found throughout Kochi Prefecture and a number of museums are dedicated to them both. Fans of Anpanman can visit the Anpanman Museum near Tosa-Yamada, outside Kochi city, and see a number of pavement statues of Anpanman and friends on the walk from Kochi Station to Harimayabashi.

The JR Rail Pass and the All Shikoku Rail Pass are valid on the Anpanman Trains, though express and Green Car supplements are payable.

Anpanman 6

Anpanman Train, Okayama Station

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anpanman 4

Anpanman Train, Shikoku, Japan

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