Umisachi Yamasachi Limited Express 海幸山幸

Umisachi Yamasachi Train

The exterior of the Umisachi Yamasachi Limited Express


The Umisachi Yamasachi Limited Express sightseeing train runs along the scenic Nichinan Coast from Miyazaki Station to Nango.

The first Umisachi Yamasachi leaves Miyazaki Station at 10:13 and another at 13:53. 

More details can be found by inquiring at any JR station or Miyazaki Tourist Information Office and the official website here.

Umisachi and Yamasachi Myth

The names Umisachi and Yamasachi come from a famous myth in the ancient Japanese chronicles of Kojiki and Nihongi and the gods of the story are enshrined at the famous Aoshima Shrine which the train passes.

Umi Yama Myth 2

Umisachi and Yamasachi Myth, Aoshima Shrine, Miyazaki, Kyushu, Japan

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The names mean "Sea Harvest" and "Mountain Harvest" and refer to their skills in fishing and hunting due to magic equipment given them by their father Ninigi, the grandson of Amaterasu the Sun Goddess who sent him down to earth to pacify and rule over Japan.

One day Umisachi suggested to his brother Yamasachi that they exchange their magic equipment, which they did, but neither had any success and in the process Yamasachi lost the magic fish hook. Umisachi was furious and refused to accept any of the substitutes offered by his brother, so Yamasachi set off to find the lost hook.

Ending up in the Undersea World he married the daughter of the Dragon King and spent three years living there. Becoming homesick he found the lost hook with the Dragon King's help and returned home with his wife. Umisachi was not pleased and attacked Yamasachi, who using a magic jewel given him by his father in law caused the tide to rise. Almost drowning, Umisachi pledged allegiance to his brother who then used a second magic jewel to lower the tide.

Yamasachi's grandson is the mythical first emperor of Japan, Jimmu, who traveled with his army, subduing all the tribes along the way, arrived at Yamato, present day Nara Prefecture, and founded the Yamato Dynasty.

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Umisachi and Yamasachi Myth, Aoshima Shrine, Miyazaki, Kyushu, Japan

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