10 train lines to admire the cherry trees 電車から桜を見えるライン

Le Paleo Express de Chichibu

Chichibu's Paleo Express


On the Cherry Blossom Railroads


In Japan, spring rhymes with cherry blossoms! A true national event, the flowering of the cherry trees is a moment eagerly awaited by the Japanese who do not hesitate to travel all around the archipelago to admire the most beautiful nature has to offer. And especially by train, which remains the most used means of transport in the country! In order to take full advantage of this season, Japan Experience introduces you to 10 train lines that will allow you to admire the cherry blossoms on the island of Honshu.


La ligne Tsuguru

The Tsuguru Line

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In the Kantō



  • Laligne Mooka


Over almost 42 kilometres , the locomotives of the Mooka line offer a real leap in time.

Blue velvet benches, old lamps from the 1950s, the interior of these little gems from the 1910s is retro and picturesque , like the circuit offered by the line.


La ligne Mooka à Ibaraki

The Mooka line in Ibaraki

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Cerisiers à Ibaraki

Cherry trees in Ibaraki

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Locomotive à Tochigi

Locomotive in Tochigi


La ligne Toden-Arakawa à Oji

The Toden-Arakawa Line at Oji

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  • The Paleo Express


A 1970s steam locomotive, the Paleo Express connects Kumagaya and Mitsumieguchi stations in the Chichibu region.

Passing through the plains as well as the small surrounding mountains, it offers very beautiful views to all photo enthusiasts !


This small locomotive has only four wagons and only runs once a day , we advise you to book your tickets in advance.


Useful information :

Price : 950 yen (7€25)

Tickets : to be purchased at the departure station or to be reserved at all JR East stations.

Times : 10:12 a.m. departure from Kumagaya, 2 p.m. departure from Mitsumieguchi


Le Paleo Express à Chichibu

The Paleo Express in Chichibu



The mountains of the Chichibu region


Le Paleo Express

The Paleo Express


La ligne Oigawa

The Oigawa Line

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  • The HakoneTozan Line


Connecting Hakone-Yumoto station to Gora station in 40 minutes , the Hakone Tozan is one of the best served lines in the region. With a train approximately every ten minutes, the Hakone Tozan is not only a good way to get around Hakone City quickly , but also to do sightseeing at a lower cost.

Small mountains, valleys or even forests, it is a city with multiple facets that you will discover with this small railway line.


La ligne Hakone Tozan

The Hakone Tozan Line


Vue depuis la Hakone Tozan

View from the Hakone Tozan

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Le train Hakone Tozan vous balade parmi les allées d'hortensias

The Hakone Tozan train takes you through the paths of hydrangeas



  • Laligne Nanao


Located in Ishikawa Prefecture , the Nanao Line connects Tsubata Station to Anamizu Station in two and a half hours.

Very popular this season for its circuit which offers pretty views of the cherry blossoms, it notably passes through the "Noto Sakura Station", the Noto - kashima station which houses a cherry blossom tunnel .


Also note that a day pass is available for this line. Allowing free travel on Saturdays and public holidays throughout the Koto network, this pass also entitles you to discounts for museums and onsen in the surrounding area . It is therefore the bargain not to be missed!


La ligne nanao

The Nanao Line

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Les montagnes de Anamizu

The mountains of Anamizu

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La station Noto-kashima

Noto Kashima Station




In Kansai


  • Laligne Sagano


Nicknamed " Sagano Romantic Train ", the Sagano line locomotive offers a 25-minute trip along the banks of the Hozukyo ravine, from Saga Torroko station to Kameoka Torroko station.

See also: RomanceCar

A must for all flower lovers , this little train passes through the middle of the region's mountains and allows you to admire the cherry trees in spring as well as the momiji in autumn .


Useful information :

Price : adult 600 yen, child 300 yen.

Tickets : to be purchased at the departure station or at any JR station in the region.

Hours : daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., once an hour.


Le Sagano Romantic Train à quai

The Sagano Romantic Train at the platform

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Vue depuis la ligne Sagano

View from the Sagano line


Le Sagano Romantic Train

The Sagano Romantic Train

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  • Lettram of Ikoma (Ikoma cable car)


Linking Toriimae station to Ikoma-sanjo station in Nara prefecture , this little tram has a rather special design : that of a children 's story!

The reason ? He ends up in Ikoma-sanjo's playground. Cute and cheap, its circuit is also populated by cherry trees. A perfect means of transport for the whole family !


Useful information :

Price : adult 360 yen (2€75), child 180 yen (1€40).

Tickets : to be purchased at the departure station.

Times : frequent departures throughout the day.


Un tramway en forme de chat

A tram in the shape of a cat

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La petite ville de Ikoma

The small town of Ikoma

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Le design original des tramways de Ikoma

The original design of Ikoma trams

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