The minshuku 民宿

Closer to the Japanese


There are several types of accommodation for visitors to Japan. Beyond hotels and folk accommodations such as capsule hotels , lovehotels or cyber-cafes, the traveler will be able to find more traditional accommodation formulas. The ryokan , high-priced, comfortable inns, rub shoulders with the minshuku , these Japanese-style bed & breakfasts.



Guesthouses in the Land of the Rising Sun

Minshuku are the equivalent of French bed and breakfasts. A Japanese family arranges its accommodation in order to be able to accommodate a few travelers in the rooms of the house. She takes care of reception, reservations and the various services that can be offered. Breakfasts and dinners can be included in the price, which allows the holding of common meals. The dishes offered are generally made from fairly simple family recipes, using seasonal ingredients: ideal for immersion in the local culture! Minshuku are generally located near tourist spots such as onsen or mountain ski resorts.


Gassho-zukuri type houses, in the village of Shirakawago

Gassho-zukuri houses in the village of Shirakawago, near Takayama



A traditional Japan at your fingertips

An overnight stay inside a minshuku will cost you on average between 6,500 and 9,000 yen (between 50 and 70 euros) . live, eat and sleep on the ground. Futons are often stored in the closets of the room, the traveler having to install his bed alone. He will also have to tidy up his bed himself in the morning. The rooms are simple, furnished with a coffee table, a small television, a small water heater and sometimes towels.

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The interior of a minshuku


Bain japonais en extérieur (rotenburo)

Outdoor Japanese bath (rotenburo)


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