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Tanabata at the Shukkei-en Garden

From 1st to 7th of July, the city of Hiroshima celebrates the feast of the stars, Tanabata.

Flower Festival in Hiroshima

Flower Festival

The Flower Festival of Hiroshima attracts tens of thousands of people, and it is continuing to grow.

International Animation Festival

Animation Festival

It is impossible to reduce a western cartoon to Walt Disney. Similarly, Japanese animation does not stop at Miyazaki Hayao and Ghibli films.

Yukata festival in Tôkasan

Tôkasan festival

In Hiroshima, wearing the yukata (light cotton kimono) is an over 400 year old tradition.

Ebisu festival in Hiroshima

Ebisu Matsuri

From November 18th to the 20th, the "Ebisuko" or Ebisu Matsuri is held in honor of the god of commerce, merchants, fishermen and prosperity.

Festival-ichi Fushigi

Fushigi-ichi Festival

At Yokogawa Station station on the third weekend of April, the streets are invaded by characters from Japanese cartoons for a unique and popular show.

Lanterns memorial ceremony in Hiroshima

Remembrance Ceremony

August 6th, 1945 ... This date rings in the ears of an entire country, like a heartbreaking cry.

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Heron Dance Sagimai Tsuwano

The Heron Dance Festival or Sagimai is a unique dance that occurs in Tsuwano in south west Japan in July.