The National Crafts Museum 国立工芸館

  • Published on : 01/04/2021
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A historical journey through Japan's finest crafts 

Recently moved from its original location in Tokyo to Kanazawa in the Ishikawa prefecture, the National Crafts Museum is a great asset in the conservation and promotion of Japanese crafts. Its unique collection contains a wide variety of works from Japan and foreign countries created from the Meiji era (1868-1912) up until today. It is the only national art museum dedicated to crafts in Japan, making it a must-see place for Japanese art lovers.

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Exhibition Rooms

• 1st floor: The first floor serves as an introduction to Japanese arts and crafts.

For the sake of having a better experience and a deeper understanding of the museum’s exhibits, visitors will be provided with explanations of crafting techniques and terminology. They can also go to the digital area to have a look at 3D images from selected craftworks.

• 2nd floor: Matsuda Gonroku Maki-e Studio

The second floor features the workshop of Matsuda Gonroku (1896-1986), a lacquer artist and a Living
National Treasure
born in Kanazawa.
Matsuda was famous for using gold and silver powder in his craftworks. Through documentary videos and the display of his tools and materials, visitors can plunge into the artist’s life and work.

Twelve Hawks, by Suzuki Chokichi, 1893

Twelve Hawks, by Suzuki Chokichi, 1893

By Daderot - Own work, CC0,

Travel to Kanazawa thanks to the Regional Japan Rail Pass

  • Included : Economic and simple, Unlimited travel

Address, timetable & access

National Crafts Museum

  • Address

    3-2 Dewamachi



  • Timetable

    Closed Mondays. From 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM the rest of the week.
  • Price

    It varies from exhibitions to exhibitions
  • Access

    By Bus : From JR Kanazawa Station East Gate Bus Terminal.
    By Car : Parkings lot available
  • Website

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