5 places of horror after dark 恐ろしい場所

Haunted places

Haikyo is an abandoned and haunted place full of unexplained phenomena: where Youkai, ghosts, and evil spirits thrive!

Panic fear, thanks to new technologies

In Odaiba, at the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza shopping center, experience fears in a new technology version. The Tyffonium complex offers the latest generation of virtual reality and augmented reality in its two attractions.

"The Corridor," one of them will make you scream in terror. Alone or in a duo, you progress through a vast abandoned house with the only ally, a small lantern that allows you not to trip over the carpet.



A friendly meeting in the Corridor of Tyffonium


Nourish your body and... your soul

In the Kichijoji district in the suburbs of Tokyo, the Yurei Izakaya (literally "ghost izakaya") offers you a deadly evening! When you arrive, the warning is clear: only the dead are allowed to enter the premises. To cross the threshold of the izakaya, so you must die! Oh, dear! Calm down! Assuming the role of a spirit during the meal will be enough! At the table, your server will be keen to tell you the causes of his death while serving you your bloody dish.

Yurei Izakaya, 1 Chome-8-11 Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0003.

Open daily from 5 pm to 1 am.

Tel: +81 422-41-0194



At the yurei izakaya, it is the ghosts who prepare your cocktail for you


Listen to the legend of the Akama jingu

In the legend of Mimi-nashi-Hoichi or "Hoichi the Earless, told by Lafcadio Hearn in his book "Kwaidan" or "Stories and Studies of Strange Things," a storyteller and biwa player is struggling with the ghosts of the Taira clan. Samurai led him every night in front of an audience eager to hear the talented Hoichi recount the tragic story of the Taira clan's defeat by the Minamoto at the Battle of Dan-no-ura in April 1185. Blind, the musician does not perceive that he is performing in the cemetery of the Akama sanctuary, where he has only the ghosts of the fallen clan as spectators.


Akama jingu in Shimonoseki



Masaki Kobayashi immortalized Hōichi's story in his 1964 film Kwaidan.

Masaki Kobayashi

The possessed doll

Since 1938 in the Mannenji temple of Iwamizawa in Hokkaido, an extraordinary relic has been kept. It is a child's doll enshrined on a small altar. The latter would house the spirit of its deceased young owner, Kikuko. Shortly after their death, Kikuko's parents are shocked to see the doll's hair grow. They see in it the sign of the presence of their child. His spirit would have invested in the adored toy. Much later, the doll nicknamed Okiku is given to the Mannenji temple, where everyone can come and listen to the priests tell how Okiku's hair keeps growing, forcing them to cut them regularly.

Mannenji, 75 Kurisawacho Manjisaiwaicho, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido 068-3152

Tel: +81 126-47-3941

Open every day


Okiku doll is possessed by the spirit of his late young mistress


Not even afraid!

The youngest also like to scare themselves; that's why you can take them to the Ikebukuro district in Tokyo to do like "the big ones." The Namco Namja Town children's theme park located in the Sunshine City shopping center offers them several activities: hunting for mononoke (vengeful spirits), fighting against zombies, and terrifying face to face with the famous Japanese toilet ghost. The opportunity for our dear darlings to demonstrate their courage! So children, cap or not cap?


Chills for young and old alike!


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