5 Places to appreciate sunflowers in Hokkaido 北海道でひまわりを見る場所

Admirer les tournesols à Hokkaido

Admire the sunflowers in Hokkaido

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A golden summer in northern Japan


The sunflower is one of the iconic flowers of summer in Japan. In Hokkaido, its flowering begins in mid-July in the southern regions and does not end until early October in the island's northern part. A blossoming that is one of the longest in the country. Here are the top 5 places to admire these beautiful yellow flowers in Hokkaido!


Hokuryu, le plus champs de tournesols de Hokkaido

Hokuryu, the most sunflower fields in Hokkaido



Located in the city of Nayoro near Asahikawa, the Chiebun field is the second-largest field of sunflowers on the island after that of Hokuryu. His particularity? Its flowers are used to extract the sunflower oil produced in Hokkaido!

Indeed, unlike most sunflower fields on the island, the Chiebun field is one of the only ones to use no chemical fertilizers. An advantage over the competition, which then allowed it to obtain exclusivity on the sunflower oil extraction market in Hokkaido, making it one of the most precious fields in northern Japan.


Nayoro Himawari Batake

Nayoro Himawari Batake



The field of Ozora-cho is known to bear flowers throughout the year. But it's those sunflowers at the end of July that catch the eye. Indeed, the field is divided into three parts, one of which is located very close to Memanbetsu airport. A location that then delighted photographers on the island for the shots it offered: planes taking off and landing close to the flowers.

Note that there are also three blooms and that the Ozora-cho field is one of the few to produce sunflowers until October.


Le champ de tournesols de Ozora-cho et ses avions

The Ozora-cho sunflower field and its planes



Located very close to the Furano region, this field offers the possibility of admiring the flowers of the sun in the middle of summer and enjoying the lavender at the same time! A slight peculiarity makes Zerubu no Oka one of the most famous spots in Hokkaido in terms of sunflowers.

Indeed, the field is one of the most Instagrammable spots on the island when the gold of the sunflowers blends with the purple of the lavender. An undeniable photogenic aspect is attracting more and more visitors who sometimes come from afar to admire the show.


Zerubu no Oka, ses tournesols et ses lavandes

Zerubu no Oka, its sunflowers and lavender


Les tournesols de Hokkaido sont l'une des attractions majeures de l'île en plein été

Hokkaido's sunflowers are one of the island's top attractions in the height of summer


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