Admiring Irises in Japan 日本の菖蒲

  • Published on : 25/02/2019
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Flowery month of June

After the sakura season, flowers continues to bloom. If spring belongs to cherry and plum trees, the month of June is that of strolling between the beds of irises, the flower with drooping petals which scents the air!

Meiji Jingu Park


The Meiji sanctuary, or Meiji-jingu, is home to an imperial park of 700,000 m2 where nearly 170,000 trees and 245 different species grow.

The irises are present in this park in rich diversity since the latter has a field where more than 1,500 of these white and purple flowers grow, belonging to nearly 150 different species! Small wooden plates are thus present everywhere in front of the flowers to indicate the species to which they belong.

Iris flowers in the garden of the Meiji-Jingu


Katsushika Ward Parks


Katsushika is one of Tokyo Municipality's 23 wards. It notably hosts two parks, Mizumoto Park and Horikiri Park.

Mizumoto Park is home to around 14,000 flowers for 80 species. It is a garden particularly recommended for those who want to enjoy the flowers at the water's edge since it is the Tokyo park with the largest expanse of water.

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Mizumoto Park Irises


The visitor will be well surrounded by flowers in this park, which has more than 100,000 irises for around 450 different species! In addition to the incredible floral crowd of iris, Hakko Park is also strewn with lavender flowers.

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  • Address: 3-11 Tsukisamu Higashi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo
  • Access: 10 min on foot from Fukuzumi Station on the Toho Subway Line.

The irises of Hakko Park


Yokosuka Iris Garden


Yokosuka is known as the city in Kanagawa Prefecture that houses the headquarters of the US Navy's 7th Fleet.

Beyond this martial figure, the city also has an iris garden - shobu-en -, which welcomes you as soon as you enter with rows of irises planted everywhere in the middle of the lawns. The garden is dotted with more than 140,000 irises of 412 different varieties and attracts several thousand visitors every year during this period.


  • Address: 18-1 Abekura, 238-0033 Yokosuka
  • Access: JR Yokosuka Station or Keikyu Shioiri Station


An iris from Yokosuka Park


The Meigetsu-in


Far from the big iris parks, the Meigetsu-in, a temple located in Kamakura, will welcome the visitor attracted by the beautiful purple petals of the iris. Best known as the hydrangea temple, flowers are present everywhere in this temple, the Meigetsu-in also has an interior garden where irises grow.

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  • Address: 189 Yamanouchi, 247-0062 Kamakura
  • Access: 10 min on foot from Kita-Kamakura station



The irises of Meigetsu-in


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