Four types of establishments to find hot springs in Japan

Bain japonais en extérieur (rotenburo)

Outdoor Japanese bath (rotenburo)


Different ways to enjoy the onsen!

When we think of onsen, we immediately think of ryokan, these traditional inns that offer the possibility of experiencing the pleasures of Japanese bathing by spending a night in a tatami room. However, these luxury accommodations are not the only places with hot springs and there are other types of establishments to enjoy hot springs. Here are the choices!

Ryokan, the ultimate in traditional accommodation


Very popular with foreign and Japanese travelers, the ryokan offers an exotic experience to all those who come to rest there.

Tatami floors, rice paper doors, and futon beds, these Japanese inns offer the finest in traditional accommodation. A refinement that could not be complete without the onsen, since the ritual of bathing has been part of good morals since the 7th century.



ryokan onsen

Most often, ryokans have a rôtenburo, an outdoor onsen


Futons ryokan.

Ryokan futons

Debs (ò‿ó)♪

A ryokan located in Ginzan Onsen



The minshuku, guest rooms at a lower cost


Minshuku is a traditional guesthouse. We are received there by the owner who provides us with food and lodging, and the rooms generally have a Japanese style similar to that of the ryokan. The particularity here? Meals are taken at fixed times in the dining room with all the guests of the guest house.



Rester la nuit dans une maison paysanne ou minshuku ne signifie pas dormir à la dure.

Staying overnight in a peasant house or minshuku does not mean sleeping rough.


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