The share-house, an economical way to find accommodation in Japan シェアハウス

Share-houses, an economical way to find accommodation in Japan


Living in a community in Japan, anyone?

When you go on a trip to Japan for more than a month, the hotel is not necessarily the most economical solution when it comes to accommodation. This is why many travelers opt for share-houses, "houses to share". Practical, fun, and above all economic in terms of price, these new medium-term accommodation options are on the rise on the archipelago! And although they are not necessarily suitable for all parties, these accommodations are attracting more and more young visitors... foreigners and Japanese alike!

Indeed, not all share-houses are alike! The number of rooms is very variable (from 3 to 30 on average), the surface area of the common areas also, some accommodation is only reserved for women while others are only for a certain category of people (vegetarian, single mother, etc.).

The type of accommodation also varies from one accommodation to another, since some share-houses offer both individual rooms and dormitories for the most modest budgets. In the most spacious accommodations, a gym and a garden can even be set up!


A typical room in a share-house


Discover community life!


And this is another advantage of share-houses: their cosmopolitanism!

Whether it is to save money or to practice a foreign language, many Japanese choose to live in a share-house during their years of study. A good way than for their foreign roommates to practice Japanese and discover Japan through the eyes of a native in the course of a hallway conversation.


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Share-houses also mean discovering new cultures!

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