Shopping at a supermarket スーパーマーケットでのショッピング

Shopping, Japanese style

When visiting Japan, you might have to do some shopping at a supermarket, but don't be intimidated! Here's a guide to what to expect when shopping at a supermarket in Japan...


How do you pay?


Once you've picked out your items, go to the checkout counter. You may have to wait a little longer in line than you're used to because the Japanese do their shopping daily, but this also means their baskets are much smaller so the lines move quickly.

Simply set your basket in front of the cashier, who will scan and transfer your items to a second basket, sorting them carefully. You will be given a carrier bag (fukuro) without having to ask.



A bag packing area at a Japanese supermarket with plastic bags, string and tape

You can take your time packing your shopping bags

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