The best winter fireworks in Japan 日本の冬の花火

Hanabi in winter, a grand finale under the winter sky

The Japanese are fond of fireworks, called hanabi . It is therefore not uncommon to be able to admire them during winter nights, from December to March, often as part of snow festivals.

Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks


Undoubtedly an enchanting spectacle not to be missed if you are going to admire Mount Fuji in January! 

The favorite place to watch them is Oike Park, which allows you to enjoy the reflections of the lights on the waters of Lake Kawaguchi.




Feux d'artifice



Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks


Off-season fireworks are also organized in Tokyo. Thus, every Saturday in December at 7 pm., a pyrotechnic show is offered on the artificial island of Odaiba. The rockets are fired in Tokyo Bay, between Odaiba Park and the Rainbow bridge.

The show is ideal to see with the family after a good day of entertainment and shopping in the various shopping centers of Odaiba.


  • Information: Every Saturday in December, to see from the decks of Odaiba.
  • Access: take the Yurikamome line and get off at Daiba station.


Artifice Odaiba

Fireworks in front of the Rainbow bridge

FlickrJames Faulkner

Chichibu Night Festival


The Chichibu festival is very old since it was held for the first time in 1713. It is one of the three largest matsuris in the country with a parade of floats, with the Gion Matsuri of Kyoto and the matsuri of Takayama. It is held every year on December 2 and 3.

An exceptional fireworks display is fired during the festivities. Taking place from 7.30 pm to 10 pm, it has the particularity of lasting almost 2.5 hrs, a record! The city of Chichibu is located 1h30 by train from the capital, which makes it very accessible.


  • Information: Chichibu Night festival, December 2 and 3, late afternoon and evening.
  • Access: From Ikebukuro station in Tokyo, take the Seibu "Red arrow" train and get off at Seibu Chichiru station.


Chichibu festival

Fireworks at the Chichibu festival

Wikimedia Commons

Atami Kaijou Hanabi Festival


The city of Atami, on the Izu Peninsula, holds a Bayside Fireworks Festival four times a year. 

This impressive firework display does not leave the spectators a moment of respite until the finale and its rockets are named "Niagara Falls from the sky". The specific topography of the city, framed by mountains, allows the sound of rocket explosions to reverberate uniquely.


  • Information: December 8 and 15, from 8:20 pm to 8:45 pm, not far from the port of Atami.
  • Access: From Tokyo station, take the Tokaido line or the Tokaido-Sanyo shinkansen and get off at Atami station.


Feux d'artifice

Atami Festival

Wikimedia Commons

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