The Top 10 best beaches in Japan 日本のベストビーチ

Beautiful Beaches

Japan is surrounded by the sea, and as a result the country is dotted with beautiful beaches. White sand, crystal clear waters and magnificent scenery. Discover the most beautiful beaches in the country!

Jodogahama Bay

Jodogahama Bay



  • Tomari beach (Tokyo prefecture)

Don't be fooled, while it's technically in Tokyo Prefecture, Shikine Island is 100 miles south of the capital! You only need to walk 5 minutes from the port to reach Tomari Beach and enjoy the beautiful views there. White sand, clear and calm water; it's a perfect escape from Tokyo - just 3 hours away or ten hours by ferry for those who prefer a snail's pace.



The island of Shikine

The island of Shikine

Sang valte

Hirizo, in the middle of the cliffs

Hirizo, in the middle of the cliffs


  • Chirihama beach (Ishikawa prefecture)

Located on the Noto Peninsula, Chirihama Beach is unique, in that it also serves as a road. The sand, soaked with water, becomes so compacted that cars can drive off for 5 miles. It's the ideal place to take a break, dip your toes in the surf and enjoy fresh local seafood. You can also admire a beautiful sunset.

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Cars can drive on part of Chirihama beach

Cars can drive on part of Chirihama beach

Soumei Baba.Flickr


  • Suishohama beach (Fukui prefecture)

Suisho means crystal in Japanese, and you'll understand why the beach has this name when you see how clear the water is. The surf and sand of this beach, in Wakasa Bay, is also full of surprises. The sound of the crashing waves, almost melodic, has earned the nickname "singing sand". Water sports are just as popular as swimming here, and it's possible to book a night in one of the many nearby accommodations.


Suisho-hama beach, especially famous for its sand, "Nakisuna" the singing sand.

Suisho-hama beach, especially famous for its sand, Nakisuna, the singing sand.


Engetsu Island in winter

Engetsu Island in winter

玄史生 Wikipedia (


  • Takahama beach (Nagasaki prefecture)

At the tip of the Nagasaki Peninsula, just west of the main Japanese island, is Takahama Beach. Facing the former mining island of Gunkanjima, you will have a great view of the beach of Hashima. Many amenities have conveniently been built here for vacationers, so you can rest after an afternoon of swimming.


Jordy Meow -


Jordy Meow - Wikipedia (


  • Yurigahama beach (Kagoshima prefecture)

Closer to the islands of Okinawa than Kyushu, Yurigahama Beach is approximately 2 km from Yoron Island, in the sea. It is actually a sandbar that is accessible only during low tide, in spring and summer. You will be encircled by the Emerald Sea. Guests can rent boats with glass floors to reach Yurigahama from Okaneku Beach, from June to September.


Yurigahama, in the midst of the waters

Yurigahama, in the midst of the waters

Makoto Nagashima



Jedi RC


  • Nishihama Beach (Okinawa prefecture)

Our last beach is on the southern-most inhabited island of Japan. With 600 inhabitants, Hateruma is part of the Yaeyama island group. Nishihama Beach is a little over 1 km long, and enjoyable for both its ideal temperature and its impressive underwater nature and wildlife.

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Turquoise waters around Hateruma island

Turquoise waters around Hateruma island


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