Where to admire the cherry blossoms this winter?

  • Published on : 20/09/2019
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5 Places to view Cherry Blossoms in Winter in Japan

Emblematic flowers of spring in Japan, Cherry blossoms tint the landscapes of the country with pink each year when the warm weather returns. But did you know that it was also possible to admire them at the beginning of winter, in the middle of the koyo season (the reddening of the leaves)? There are several varieties of cherry trees: those that bloom in the spring around March and April, and those called fuyuzakura which see their flowers hatch a second time between October and December!  As the koyo season approaches, we present 5 unusual landscapes, where the red of the maples blends with the delicate pink of the sakura.

1. Jomine Park (Saitama Prefecture)


It's early enough that you have to go to Jomine Park in Saitamasi you want to admire its 600 winter cherry trees since they begin to bloom in October!

Also very famous for its momiji (maple blossoms), the park offers a nice play of color in mid-November when the maples and cherry trees are in full bloom. It is even illuminated every winter for the occasion until 8 p.m., to allow night visitors to admire from a new angle the fortuitous encounter between these two varieties of flowers, both very popular with the Japanese.

Le parc Jomine en automne

Jomine Park in autumn


3. Sakurayama Park (Gunma Prefecture)


With over 7,000 cherry blossom trees in winter, Sakurayama Park is aptly named. Just as pleasant in spring as in winter, it is one of the country's most popular spots for fuyuzakura, and thus attracts many visitors each year thanks to its traditional garden which offers sumptuous landscapes when the cherry trees bloom! Especially once the sun goes down since the park lights up every year from mid-November to mid-December to sublimate the petals in the light of the moon.


Le parc Sakurayama

Sakurayama Park


Le parc Sakurayama

Sakurayama Park

Flick/ Pui Nantheera

4. Obara Fureai Park (Aichi)


Located one hour by train from Toyotashi (one of the cities hosting the Rugby World Cup in autumn 2019 ), Obara Fureai Park delights the eyes of its visitors every winter.

And for good reason, more than 10,000 fuyuzakura come to keep the maple leaves company from mid-November! For the occasion, this small park in Aichi prefecture is thinking big. And there are then both food and drink stands, as well as some musical shows!


Address: Obara-choarea, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken
Directions: One hour by bus from Toyotashi station (Toyota, Mikawa lines), Obara Okusa stop.

Obara Fureai park, between sakura and momiji

Obara Fureai Park, between sakura and momiji

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