Ikebana, the traditional art of flowers 生け花

  • Published on : 22/03/2020
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Ikebana, or the meticulous arrangement of flowers

Ikebana “the voice of flowers”, is an art dedicated to a flower arrangement. Between tradition and minimalism, it is considered one of the three arts of Japanese refinement with the tea ceremony and kodo.

The different ikebana schools


It is to the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa that we owe the arrival of flowers in homes. He had homes built in which there was a tokonoma, a sort of sacred alcove, where works of art or floral arrangements are often displayed. The strict rules of ikebana were therefore relaxed and simplified for the general public to practice so that as many Japanese as possible could engage in this art.








Un ikebana "moribana"

Wikimedia Commons

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