The best museums to do with children in Japan 子どもと巡るベストな博物館

Learn while having fun

To stop "dragging" your children around museums, here is our selection of places that will delight young and old, with links to find out more.

Miraikan, musée des sciences et des innovations

Miraikan, science and innovation museum



    • The Maritime Science Museum (Funeno-Kagakukan)

    Located in Tokyo Bay, the Maritime Science Museum is dedicated to the sea and navigation . Here too, your children will be able to have fun thanks to the many interactive activities on offer. You can even pilot remote-controlled boats.



    • Tokyo Toy Museum

    With 70,000 toys and games from over 100 countries , it's the perfect place to visit on a rainy day! Here, we visit but we also play thanks to a wide variety of interactive games or even workshops for making games.

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    • The Ghibli Museum

    Fans of the great master of animation Hayao Miyasaki will be greeted there by Totoro himself . The museum will transport the whole family to the magical world of Studio Ghibli. The little ones will be happy to board the "cat bus" straight out of "My Neighbor Totoro".

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    All toy presented by the toy museum in Tokyo can be tried by small and larger.

    All the toys presented by the Tokyo Toy Museum can be tried by young and old.


    Découvrez Tokyo dans une visite guidée pour les enfants et les plus grands

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