Six mountains under 1,000 meters to climb

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Le Mont Takao haut de 599 mètres.

Mount Takao 599 meters high.


Marvelous hikes in the Japanese mountains

For budding mountaineers who don't yet have the stuff to tackle Mount Fuji, here is a list of accessible mountains with breathtaking views.

Vue sur la baie de Miyajima depuis le Mont Misen

View of Miyajima Bay from Mount Misen

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Mount Takao in Tokyo (599 meters)

Perfect expedition if you don't have the opportunity or the time to travel outside the capital but want to get away from the buildings for a day. Less than an hour from central Tokyo by train , climbing Mount Takao is a popular activity with locals and tourists alike , so avoid weekends and holidays if you can. You will see many Japanese people come for walks and test the different hiking trails according to their motivation or physical condition. Route n°1 is the least difficult and a funicular and a chairlift are also available to reach the summit without getting too tired!

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Tokyo depuis le Mont Takao

Tokyo from Mount Takao

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Mount Takao, near Tokyo.



Mount Maya in Hyogo (699 meters)

It is a short walk from Shin-Kobe Station , about 30 minutes from central Kobe , that your ascent begins. Night or day , the view you will have from the top of Mount Maya is one of the most impressive in Japan, since it offers an incredible panorama over the bay of Osaka-Kobe . Plan on three to five hours of hiking up the mountain, depending on which trail you take. If you have exhausted all your strength during the climb, do not hesitate to take the funicular and the cable car of the Maya Viewline line to go down. On the way, you will come across, among other things, the sumptuous Nunobiki waterfalls ranked in the top 3 of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.

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Vue sur Kobe de nuit, au sommet du Mont Maya

View of Kobe by night from the top of Mount Maya

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Cascade Nunobiki

Nunobiki Waterfall.


Vue du téléphérique pour se rendre au sommet du Mont Maya

View of the cable car to get to the top of Mount Maya

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Mount Homan in Fukuoka (829 meters)

It is on the island of Kyushu , near the city of Dazaifu, that Mount Homan is located. It will take courage in both hands to climb the hundreds of stone steps from the main trail to the summit. Fortunately you will come across benches to rest. Half a day in the mountain should be enough to appreciate the panoramic view of the hills and the valley of Dazaifu. There is also a very atypical Shinto shrine at the top . You can then visit the many temples of the city where the power of Kyushu was concentrated before being transferred to Fukuoka . Prefer the end of winter to go around, it's the period of plum blossoms and those of Dazaifu are magnificent!

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Le Mont Homan à Fukuoka

Mount Homan in Fukuoka


Le sanctuaire Kamado, au sommet du Mont Homan

Kamado Shrine, atop Mount Homan

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Au Mont Homan

At Mount Homan



Mount Hiei in Kyoto (848 meters)

Mount Hiei is home to one of the most powerful Buddhist temples in Japan, Enryakuji Temple , a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 16th century, more than 3,000 temples were on its sides, but Lord Nobunaga (1534-1582) set fire to the mountain, in order to destroy its temples and massacre its population. There are now only three sites left that you can cross during your ascent. To reach the top, you can leave from Kyoto or Shiga , on either side of the mountain, in order to take the cable car and arrive at the top in less than 15 minutes. But if you go there for sports, you will have to walk about three hours in the dense forest .

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Le sentier pour gravir le Mont Hiei

The path to climb Mount Hiei

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Le temple enryakuji, sur le Mont Hiei

Enryakuji temple on Mount Hiei

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Vue du Mont Hiei

View of Mount Hiei

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Le Mont Kaimon au bord de la mer

Mount Kaimon by the sea

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